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Solo Que is cancerous.....

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Just was in a game where my team didnt leash red for me as I was rengar. Did not help me one bit, I ganked bot 4 times and fed them. So Caitlyn was worth no gold, Taric was PUSHED TO THE EXTREME alone in bot we had it 100% warded, so I go to go gank. And zilean slows taric but go back to lane. Ok Ezreal their too with ult. I pinged one or two times and they said don't chase its Taric he has a heal. Taric had 4 kills on him and was 1/4th health. So I was full health because Taric was just running and Lee Sin comes from tri bush, I pinged for help as I was running and not attacking and my team says they are not going to help me cause no point in feeding lee sin. I was full health when I pinged and they left me to die, all and all my team and the enemy team reported me negative attitude because I was mad they didnt leash for me at all, and I complained about them not helping me. It's just you can never win with these. I hate solo queing and we lost because of their thought process. If your not even gonna try and help the team, why play a team game?

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Dear Diary,
Today my teammates wouldn't help me at a few points in the game
instead of ignoring it and moving on i complained and got reported.
I'll leave it up to the tribunal.
Thing is you shouldn't expect all that much from others as a solo player imo. Playing jungle is even worse because no matter the outcome of the game it WILL be YOUR fault that the game was lost. It's your fault when any lane throws, or didn't you know that? Welcome to jungling in this game were your lanes don't pink or normal ward and people expect you to buy a jetpack and fly yourself across the map in order to help them in an impossible play.
ADC:"Oh i made a dumb mistake and got caught out? Must be my junglers fault!
Thanks Obama!