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Matchmaking for Normals

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Now, I know I will sound like every noob out there in LoL right now, but the matchmaking for a normal game seem a little unfair right now.

With that in mind, I usually don't queue solo and 9/10 I queue with my friends with 3+ players.

With that being said, I will address the problem I'm currently having with teammate selection and iterate what I feel like to be "unfair" but to many of you, will troll/flame me for what I have to say, but I feel like by not saying it I have already lost to all League players.

The fact of the matter being that when my team queues up, we get paired with people at 700+ wins in 5's matches. Now, if you look me up I've only got 266 normal and 50 dominion games. I have played my fair share of 5v5 but at the same time that number is equal to or greater than my 3v3 matches. Now, on to the point, our team is queued up damn near every time with people that have anywhere from 500 to 700 wins. We, as a team, only have around 300 wins with each of us, and to bring that number down realistically, only about 100-120 are 5v5 wins (The number that shows up when you hover over your summoner name.) I know that it is for the sake of fast queues that we get paired with these "elitist" players and for that I am not complaining, who doesn't love a fast queue? But what really grinds my gears is that we are inexperienced, we are not good by any means and I know that playing these games against good people rely on about 90% luck and that is why I am complaining.

I'm not looking for much feedback from other players, I know that some of you have the same problem and most of you will tell me to queue up by myself to get paired with the other hundreds of thousands of summoners out there that are at my skill level, but to be honest, I want to run with my select teammates.

The point being, what is up with this queue matchmaking for normal games, and why are these players with 700+ wins in 5v5 not just starting a ranked team or go duo queue with each other? Every game, I am trolled by these people who I simply don't know how to play against, they know the game, they know what to build and what not to build depending on the situation but for me, all I know is what to build to out dps and with S3 it seems to be more about health, but even if I build health I cannot find that happy medium where the dps is sufficient and the health is perfect.

If there is something already about this or a topic that has the matchmaking spelled out for normals, please point me in the right direction. But if now, I would like to hear from a Riot staff member just to tell me what is up. To suck it up or something along those lines. I'll never quit playing and I'm always looking to get better, but once you go on a 4 game losing streak where the games last no more than 25 minutes; I cannot learn that much in that amount of time. Not including the chances of getting paired against that same team again.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post and the rant. Sorry if it doesn't all flow together well and sorry if I make no sense and sound like a noob. Just trying to voice my opinion and get some feedback(even though I contradict myself with saying I don't want player input.)


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xSCx Jupiter

Junior Member


It seems to me like you are wondering why your team is getting paired up with people who are better. That's about the clean cut version. Maybe those guys don't wanna do ranked. Why should they have to? Honestly, you might just have to, as you so put it, 'suck it up'. You will have games vs fresh 30s who have never played a normal and you will have the games vs 4 people with 2k victories in normals. Just gotta keep playing, learning, and getting better.