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New League System

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Lord Farquaad

Senior Member


I get to a promotional series after going 7-3. Proceed to lose the first one because of a leaver, and the second one because my teammates played extremely poorly while I played well. After another loss where I play well, I find myself back to about 50 LP. Now, after a few games of alternating losses and wins in which I continue to play well, I find myself only getting 15 or 16 LP for win and 20 or 21 for a loss. I play better than nearly all of the team mates I play with, I for the most part have a good attitude, and I try to help people understand the game better as much as I can. It's extremely frustrating that, despite my playing well and being a good team mate, the system is now clamping down on me and making it harder to get to the next division. If the whole point of making this new league system was to make it feel like you were achieving something by moving up divisions, then how about make it possible to actually get promoted? All you have to do to solve this is make it so enough losses will get you to a qualifier to keep you in your division and if you lose you get demoted.

Tldr: The system clamps down on moving up divisions too hard for players who actually deserve to be promoted. A streak of bad luck can convince the system that you are not as good as you play simply because it only takes into account wins and losses and not how well you play or know the game. To solve this, allow players to be demoted after losing a best of 3 series when they hit 0 points after being in their division for a certain period of time.