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Promotion and Demotion so unfair

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I want to express my point of view of the new ranked system. I believe that in some ways it is better but what happened to me is quite incredible.

I was on Bronce V, yes the bottom bottom of this game. I started playing and realise that when you win you get like 30 league points but you looses like 15 in defeat.

Therefore is easy to get to 100 league points, the hard part is the promotion, you keep getting stuck with trolls or afk. So its hard to win 2 out of 3 games, but well i got it i promote to Bronce IV.

I started playing there, and i lost the first match, nothing happens. Then i started winning, 3 in a row and i got in each 13 league points, to a total of 39 league points. After that, i lost 2, but this time i lost "20 and 19". Yes, the same amount i got winnin in 3 games, i lost it in 2!

I started asking other players and one told me "Its about your score" but i end a match winning 19-7-9 and another 2-7-6 and in both i got 13 league points, but what ever, i keep playing and won another and got only 11 league points. The next game after that, i lost it and lost 11 league points. Therefore i was in 0 league points. Finally i play another, and i lost it too and i was demoted to Bronce V.

To sum up, the thing is that to promote you have to win a lot of games, and then win 2 out of 3, but to demote you only have to looses 2 games in a row. In my opinion this is really unfair. Its easier to be demoted than to promote, i can understand that if you get the same amount of league points when you win or when u looses, but i won 4 games and lost 5, and i was demoted.

I really believe this system should be change!

Thanks in advance.