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All dem trolls

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honestly, whats with this game the community in it is terrible
for example, the last game i played i mentioned that Garens OP
with whom an opponent was playing as, theyre whole team started whining about me whining, i defended my statement saying that its true and i get reported by 4 people who where SWEARING AT ME for feeding and abuse. stuff like this happens all the time i might do good, but not great i suddenly become a scapegoat for making 1 mistake and im reported by the whole team (such as missing a skillshot or a heal on a teammate)

example 2.
my team ends up going 9/21 with the jungler going afk with a score of 0/7/1
mid with 1/9/2 and bot with scores similiar to these and me going 7/2/2 at the end of the game i said bg 4v5 and i got reported 3 times by teammates for abuse (this was the only thing i said all game apart from simple tips on how to counter the champ they where going against (not a single negative thing, zilch)

on a game before this, i went bot with a support champ who randomly claimed he was adc, i killed a minion and he raged and went afk for 10 minutes came back and fed 0/6 and reported me for abuse and assisting the enemy team.
i honestly like playing this game, but when you get flamed for something as simple as calling someone op or killing a minion, it kills the experience.

why do people feel the need to report every single thing they dont agree with, another time i said id rather not live in america because i like where i live better, i get reported by 2 players, in a ban warning and i read that everyone that read it hit the banhammer.

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The Marbled Duck, or Marbled Teal (Marmaronetta angustirostris), is a medium-sized duck. It used to be included among the dabbling ducks, but is now classed as a diving duck.

This duck formerly bred in large numbers in the Mediterranean region, but is now restricted to a few sites in southern Spain, northwest Africa and in Israel. In the east it survives in the Mesopotamian marshland in southern Iraq and in Iran (Shadegan Marshes - the world's most important site), as well as isolated pockets in Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and further to the east in western India and western China.[1] Its breeding habitat is lowland where they lay their eggs in long grass or in high trees. They may lay 7 to 10 cream eggs. They are common in private collections but are a nervous and flighty bird. In some areas birds disperse from the breeding grounds, and have been encountered in the winter period in the Sahel zone, south of the Sahara.

The Marbled Duck is approximately 39–42 centimetres (15–17 in) long. Adults are a pale sandy-brown colour, diffusely blotched off-white, with a dark eye-patch and shaggy head. Juveniles are similar but with more off-white blotches. In flight, the wings look pale without a marked pattern, and no speculum on the secondaries.[2]

These are gregarious birds, at times even when nesting. Outside the breeding season flocks are often small, although large wintering flocks have been reported in some areas. The largest winter concentration known is in Khuzestan, Iran.[2]

In 2011, a group of Iraqi ornithologists counted a single flock of the rare marbled teal on the lakes of the Iraqi marshes, numbering at least 40,000 birds.[3]

These birds feed mainly in shallow water by dabbling or up-ending, occasionally diving. Little is known of their diet.[2]

This bird is considered vulnerable due to a reduction in population caused by habitat destruction and hunting. It is one of the species to which the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) applies.[1]

The scientific name, Marmaronetta angustirostris, comes from the Greek marmaros, marbled and netta, a duck, and Latin angustus, narrow or small and rostris billed.[4]