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Demotion frustration

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I'm sort of upset about my recent troubles with the new ranked system. Day 1 of the new system I got demoted to silver division 2 after losing 2 games right off the bat. In the thread riot said there was supposed to be a "grace period" and I have seen nothing of this. A few days ago after a very hard and arduous carrying of games I had reached my original placement in silver 1 again. I won one game in this division and then proceeded to lose two more, unfortunately again I have been demoted again into the silver two tier.
It is really frustrating when you have bickering teams and AFKs etc that cause losses and more importantly these demotions. This "grace period" that was in the original post has not been experienced by me, and it is a real bummer to be at 0 points, lose one game and then get demoted.