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Viktor Question

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Zungaron Lavode

Senior Member


Ahoy! So I just had to ask. Why does he only upgrade his staff? I mean Aint he big on some Hex-tec argumentation on human flesh parts? Seems silly that once he has access to all the cool toys of the Vault he just goes all like "eh its cool guys i wont tinker with your stuff. i will just put a shiny crystal in my stick. Now it glows red and that makes my lazer BETTER! Oh and i still wanna do my glorious evolution, thats totally still coming and i can show you some cool things i got planed for forced mechanical integration some other time. Wanna see fast results **** dog talk to kha'zix when he hits 6." I mean if i'm replacing most my body mass with metal, then i get shown a stronger, lighter, and more durable metal I def would shell out for it then use it.

Side note. Viktor does not talk anything like that, I know that alot of you have not seen him played or played him but seriously he sounds nothing like me.

Side Side note. Why not hidden Dialog with Kha and Vik riot?

(copy and pasted from other thread that instantly drowned in Gd.)