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@Riot: Please, for the love of Runeterra, more lore.

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Question Hound:
If the sound of the nighttime breeze could be likened to the soft rustle of feathers, then the sound of Quinn slipping through the boughs of the Demacian copse had to be no louder than the mere thought of such a sound. Overhead, floating on wings as midnight-blue as the king's own royal seal, Val kept a razor-keen eye on the scene below. The only hint of his presence was the occasional cold gleam of a talon, reflecting the silver fire of the stars above. It was a new moon; Quinn had picked this night specifically, knowing that secrecy was of the utmost importance. A soft coo from above stopped her dead in her tracks, barely balancing on a branch -- something ahead gleamed in the same way as Val's talons, though even sharper and colder.

"Good evening, Talon," Quinn said, keeping her eyes directly on the gleam of The Blade's Shadow. If that gleam disappeared, she knew, she would need to be more than just light on her feet.

"Birdkeeper," replied the Noxian assassin, by way of greeting. "What exactly do you mean by asking me here? And why did you take such pains to contact me directly, instead of routing through Noxian High Command? Lord Darius will not be pleased if he learns that my...excursion...is common knowledge to Demacia."

The dancing patterns of starlight and shadow on the sharply-edged shape before Quinn's eyes were mesmerising, and it took a moment before she was able to respond. She mentally checked herself. Don't get distracted, not even for a moment. You're better than this.

"I...I asked you here to warn you. King Lightshield suspects you of a multiple homicide within my borders. I was ordered to both track and execute you, in no uncertain terms. I reviewed the crime scene, though. This isn't your style of Noxian diplomacy. It just isn't." Here she shook her head lightly. "This isn't the style of the Demacia I love. This isn't the honour I learnt. We know of your movements toward the Golden Crossing, so I--"

The deadly gleam before her disappeared. Her breath caught in her throat; her veins filled with a mix of ice and lightning; her muscles tightened, coiled, twitched. A shrill cry from Val overhead was barely audible over the thumping of her heart.

Where did he go?

"Only fools pledge life to honour," a voice whispered right behind her ear, and she felt the unfeeling tingle of steel press against her throat. She screwed her eyes tight.

Here it is.

The end.

"...but I respect your devotion. As you know, I never compromise. It seems you do not either." The blade at her throat moved away slightly. "Warning your land's most dangerous enemy of his impending capture? I won't thank you. But I will alter my course without betraying your foolish mistake, nor will I reveal this meeting to my superiors. But be warned..."

She heard the rustle of his cape in the darkness, the clink of his blades like a choir of wind chimes.

"Don't cross me."

L.O.O.K. A.T. T.H.I.S. This is lore. This is good, juicy, sink-my-teeth-in-and-chew lore. This is what has been missing from the game since the Journal of Justice went down, and you all stopped doing the Judgments for the champions. This one piece of FAN-WRITTEN lore has single-handedly intrigued more interest for me about this champion than any amount of random name/hint dropping IronStylus could ever do. I understand you guys felt (for some reason) that lore wasn't necessary, or that you couldn't afford it.

Look at your game. It's -exploding- across the world. TSM is getting a TV deal? You guys have your own MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL scenario every thursday and friday? Hundreds of Thousands of people are tuning in every stream? I think you guys can afford to cut a little of Phreak's makeup budget (jk) to hire on some people to do lore full time. I understand that while Lore isn't necessarily the bones of the game, it certainly a niche that can draw people in. I often feel most connected to champions when I understand them better. To this day, no champion release has excited me as much as Xerath's with his FREAKING EPIC judgement.

I know I'm just one guy, rattling his cage on a forum no rioter cares about, but I really hope I see some increase in the quality of lore. I miss the days when we got sneaks like the one IronStylus is doing for Quinn with -EVERY RELEASE-. I miss the days when we got huge chunks of lore outside of the character's bio. I miss being able to feel like a part of the world of Runeterra, and know how the characters really are. I feel like Riot has gone so whole-hog into only caring about the Professional side of the game that they've forgotten the flavor side.

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Bravo, Sir Hound.

Runeterra Chronicler

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Exactly Sylph. Exactly.