Ranked match making

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check this:
ranked match 5v5 solo que
blue team:
Skarner BRONZE I, 93 game 51 wins
Alista UNRANKED, like to play 3v3 bot games and try to proc spell blade on 2 dif items..
Morgana UNRANKED, also play 3v3 bot games...
vayne SILVER V, 52 GAME 23 wins
Cho'gath BRONZE I, 304 WIN 608 GAMES

Hec SILVER V, 372 wins 369 losses
Kog Bronze III, 14 wins 31 games
Kayle BRONZE 1, 18 wins 39 games
Riven BRONZE I, 25 wins 49 games
thresh UNRANKED, but only plays normals

forgot to mention morg and ali bot went ghost teleport
so im going to assume they were duel q'ing

just me qqing..

I think Riot should take into consideration want kind of games a person has when they are matchmaking... specially for seeding.. i just want to get out of bronze.. I needed one more win...