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Jungling Help

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Looking for a jungler that's able to gank fairly well at a relatively low level, as well as someone that brings a strong late game presence.

I'm thinking Shaco would be a strong choice, but any suggestions?

Basically, anyone that can gank at level 2, sustain decently, and offer something when it comes to team fights.

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If you're looking for level 2 ganks... in order of my preference,
Maokai, Vi, Lee Sin, Jarvan, Shaco, Shyvana, Mundo, Amumu, Thresh, Nautilus, Jax, Shen.

Lee Sin is the only one in here with innate sustain, though Shaco also stays fairly safe due to boxes drawing aggro, and Jarvan/Vi just burst hard enough that you take little damage when clearing camps.

Pretty much everyone brings something to a teamfight, mainly initiation and a ton of AOE damage, and Shaco's the only assassin in this list.

Maokai. Targeted snare dash. Nuff said. Catches them off-guard, might force them to flash in an attempt to pull you into dangerous territory.

Vi is just a really strong duelist, and as long as your laners can help you stick to your target for two autoattacks after Q initiation you'll take off a good chunk of their health or force Flash.

I'm kinda preferential to skillshot dash initiations. Lee Sin and Jarvan both can initiate a gank at level 2, but their chasing is subpar until they pick up red buff.

Shaco... my main worry is that you'll run out of mana and be unable to finish your initial clear if you start red, or have no slow if you start blue. If you can pull off a level 1 red-blue combo with teammate and box help, go for it.

Shyvana and Mundo both clear very quickly and may catch an enemy laner off-balance with a red clear into gank.

Amumu... it is entirely possible to gank pre-6, but not really preferable.

I'm not certain Nautilus clears blue/red at high enough health to gank. If I remember correctly, his first clear was really iffy.

Thresh just has hard-to-land skillshots. And yeah, I've jungled him to a fair degree of success.

Haven't jungled Jax, seen it at work. Only works if they stick close to the bush so that you can land a jump+counterattack stun. And you can't chase too well without red.

No idea how Shen jungle works. He's kinda slow.

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Shaco is a weird one. I usually don't complete my first clear before ganking. My usual routine is smite/kill blue wraith, then kill red (place 4 boxes beforehand). You should have just enough mana to Deceive ONCE. That's your chance at a gank. If you fail, finish up wraith camp. If you succeed, retreat and recall, grab more items, and continue jungling until a gank or counter-jungle opportunity appears again. Rinse and repeat