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League Queue Request

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Junior Member


When we are in our Qualifying Matches (either the Best-of-3 or the Best-of-5 to move up Division and League, respectively), can we please have preferential matchmaking with people who are ALSO doing their Qualifying Matches?

I ask because it would (I think) greatly reduce the chance of getting trolls or mentally handicapped people who aren't taking it seriously and are just doing whatever.

Personal rant: I was just on a five ranked game win streak, get to my first game in the BO3, and the first person says "Going top with so-and-so. No jungle." One of the other people, frustrated, then says "Trololo" and says he will jungle Heimer. So he picks Heimer and gets Smite/Revive.

... I can't dodge the game, because I forfeit the BO3. I can't do anything about it. I'm stuck in this horrible game with these horrible people.

Please help.

... Please.

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Duo top is a legitimate strategy, it does leave your other lanes dangerously vulnerable though.
I don't know why someone would troll jungle heimer as a result of that... That's just silly.