What am I doing wrong?

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I've spent probably 6 months playing LOL now. I can play all lanes. I have good game knowledge. I can play decently with any champion. I try not to chase if I don't know where the enemy is. I play safe. I don't go crazy. I focus ADC and APC in teamfights. If I'm carrying, I try to stay at the back. I help out the team. I'm okay at last hitting and know to take down dragon and turrets. And in all honesty, I am a smart guy. Its not like I'm just too stupid to realize my mistakes. I'm trying to figure it out and maybe I am playing correctly, and I just don't react fast enough. Anyway, I have probably a 55%-60% win rate. Which I guess is how its supposed to be but it I went to Bronze IV, hit a 4 lose streak as soon as I did and dropped back down to V.

So what can I possibly be doing wrong? At this point, I acknowledge its not "ELO Hell," its me, but I just can't see how else to improve. Seems like the enemy team is just usually better.

EDIT: scratch that. Just LOLKing'd myself. 63 wins, 86 losses. I think. So there you have it.

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Same thing I said here:


"I'd really suggest heading over to /r/summonerschool and posting a replay or two (get Lolreplay!). If you truly want to learn, you'll get more out of an analysis of a replay that someone over there does. I posted and got couple roughly 2k Elo players looking over it.

Mostly I say this because we can't say too much about your play if you're already trying to do what you should be, without seeing what you're doing wrong."