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The Ranked System

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I am a solo Queue kind of guy and I haven't been an active ranked player like most of the players in League. In fact I've only played about 50 ranked games ever, and I've noticed that the ranking system can be, unfair. For example, I played a support and I was trying to set up kill after kill, but my team would snag a couple kills and then they would die, and I would be able to live and get away. And of course we lost the game but I ended with a 2/8/24 and I know that is a pretty decent score for a support. The only thing I disliked is that I get ranked down even though I did so well, and I was wondering couldn't the system be changed to where it's a player based scoring, so for 5v5 of course your team would rank up or down together same for 3v3, but if you solo Queue you get anyone, and that can be people who feed or troll. You never know until you start playing with them. I just think that making you rank up off your score could help bring out the players that dedicate a lot of time but get stuck with some bad teams. And of course if you lose and go positive you wouldn’t see a 15 point jump or anything but you wouldn’t see a 15 point loss either but then the person doesn’t start hating ranked games to the point of quitting, you still have the improvement and self-confidence. Now this is coming from a player that knows he won’t make it to challenger tier, my goal is somewhere in the middle. But I feel like this is a change that can keep people playing ranked and can still make it to that higher tier if they keep trying. I don’t see this as a carry method since you still have to win 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 in order to rank up. I’m sure you have thought about this and I know some players will agree and some would disagree, I want to know if this could be an able change or not?