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@ About going up in divisions

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So, if we are supposed to prove we're better than our division, and we have to consistently win game to prove so... Than why am I playing with people 3-4 divisons higher(or lower) than myself, but still get nicked 20 points for losing?

I won my last promotional series but still, I was paired against someone still being seeded, and 4 Silver 4-5's. I think players in the promotion series should never be paired with players still being seeded,

The following were the teams:

Bronze I x2 (I was here at the time)
Silver V x2
Silver III


Silver IV x4

So i'm basically played in a match full of silvers and 1 who knows? But isn't the promotion series meant to show that i'm better than the average division Bronze I? Not a bunch of Silver IV's? I'm playing with up to 3 divisions away from myself including people who don't even have a division yet. Was wanting to point this out to know if it was intended for promotion series to versus seeders and have wide of a variety in division.