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Looking for Solo/Duo (and team 5v5, 3v3) partners in bronze and silver rankings

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Guys I'm looking for a good bit of people to run ranked games with. This is for every type of ranked games (solo/duo, 5v5 and 3v3 teams). I'm tired of getting stuck with trolls and players that don't care about playing competitively on a serious level in ranked games. I realize that *****ing to riot about the ranking system placement is pointless. So instead, a few friends and I have decided to try to make a community of people with the same interest of ranking up in the system. Opinions and advice will be treated equal and taken seriously. This includes team names and champs that should run together as well as which player should run which lane. Anyone that's interested add me on league and send me a message. I'm not usually on the forums much but I will check this page multiple times a day over the next month. Any questions or suggestions are completely welcome. Looking forward to running with you guys.