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Season 3 Pro Team Recruiting

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Team Genocide Gaming is currently looking to fill spots on the team. We are a team that will be doing online tourneys as well as taking part in any invitational tournaments we can. I am also going to be seeking sponsors as we play and prove we have what it takes to go all the way.Here is the way we are going to do this. (Not trying to sound like a D***). If you meet the following requirements then please feel free to post.
• Must be 17+
• Must have a stable computer with stable internet
• Must have dedication and want this as a job and treat it as such
• Must be willing to travel
• Must have at least Silver Tier
• Must have excellent concept of the game and excellent communication skills during game.
• Must be willing to take criticism as well as give it when it is needed
• Must have pretty much past 7pm-Until EST available on weekdays (M-F) and Noon-Until EST available on the weekends. (Very few exceptions will be made)

Explanation of these requirements:
• You have to be 17+ in order to compete for S3
• Don’t want or need anyone that has connectivity issues as well as most sponsors/teams are going to require you to stream
• If you don’t have dedication then you will never achieve the goal in which you wish to acquire.
• Travel is a must. Once sponsors are obtained we will travel to other LAN tourneys pending availability
• Sorry no bronze is going to be accepted as I am not teaching the game to anyone nor do I expect my team to teach you
• Communication is the only way to achieve success. Setting up ganks, knowing timers, and knowing when enemy summoner spells are down are key
• Accept the fact you F**** Up and learn from it. Tell others if they do something wrong as well. Only way to get better as a team.
• Will be practicing and scrimming and running tourneys during these times.

Now, if you meet these requirements and understand the explanation of them and still interested in joining the team and going to the top, copy and paste this in your reply and fill it out.
• Summoner Name
• League/Division
• Main Role
• Your best 4 Champs in this role
• What do you believe you can offer the team?
• What time zone are you in?
• What is one thing that will keep you going through the ups and downs that comes with going pro?
• Have you ever played any game professionally? If so, What?