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PBE Nasus buffs.

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I just wanted to start this thread as a person who mains Nasus, even though still considered "not viable" I do well in almost all of my played games. The buffs announced on the PBE are hitting one of the major drawbacks of Nasus, his mana hunger. For a champion who's scaling is based on the Q farm of monsters and minions, you need to be spamming that every chance you get. His ult buff is also well needed with the increased range.
I feel as a frequent player of the champion that the final adjustment Nasus needs is mobility. Lets face it, all current "viable" top lane champions have something to close the gap on other champions, be it a speed boost, pull, a gap closer, or hard cc. This is what allows them to make plays mid-late game. Unfortunately Nasus is forced every team fight to simply walk up to the enemy team and usually getting destroyed before he can fill his role. I propose The is Spirie Fire (E) grants Nasus a % speed increase if he walks over it that decays over time once he leaves the area. Another proposal is that his Fury of the Sands (R) has a passive effect of increased movement speed. This is one of my first thread posts so let me know your opinions.