Build for Udyr Solo Top

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Hey mates, recently after purchasing Udyr and doing very well in the jungle, I am tempted to try him out Solo Top and need some help deciding on what to equip him with. Usually I prefer a build that is aggressive, but one that makes him a bit tanky, and with Udyr, both aren't an issue as his stances are great at giving him boosts in both areas. At the Moment, I want to run a build by you that I saw on a video of someone playing solo-top Udyr so tell me what you think.

*Ninja Tabi w/+15 movement.
*Sunfire Cape
*Spirit Visage
*Blade of the Rune King
*Wiggles Lantern

Now from watching this video, he just completely owned his lane and continued to cause havoc for the opposing team. Now Im tempted to try this build out, with the only exception switching out the Ninja Tabi for Mercury Treads if facing a AP heavy team, but if anyone has any suggestions about it or what items would better benefit Udyr Solo Top then by all means let me know.

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I always build Frozen Mallet when playing Udyr top.

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How do you build him in the Jungle? I ask, as if you prefer a more hybrid style or AP style, you should look to build accordingly. Your point about Ninja vs Mercury is perfect for the mindset you will need, as you could be asked to build either AD or AP yourself.

As to your items choices above, BotRK should be semi-situational. If the enemy team is heavy health / bruiser, then BotRK is the choice, but in most comps BT is the better choice with faster returns / sustain. I do not like Wriggles, and I question why he had it, as you should not need the machete whatsoever. If you want wards, buy a ruby sightstone on ward the whole top, otherwise you can look for an item that will to your needs.

Frozen Mallet is actually a very strong item or Trinity. FM gives you a constant slow, which means that no champ will outrun your E / bear stance stun, plus you get the 700 health. Fo an AP heavy team, you could instead build hexdrinker into a Maw of Malmortis, as the MR will help and the shield is basically an extra 350 health every 60 seconds, but again situational.

For an AP build, I tried a build with RoA, Deathcap, Nashors, Warmog's and boots/mobility + wards. I can say a few things about it, it is fun, but you have to have team coordination. With the AP you have, Turtle and Phoenix are fantastic, and you can take a beating due to the shield, but it is a slow build, and you need help securing a few kills to get it going. When I built for AP, I basically forgo resistances and just build hp, hoping my damage and health will keep me up until the team arrives. In the end, I only use this build if I have friends in voice chat, and I have never tried it in a ranked game solo / duo Q. Take it for what it is... an unknown.