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My thoughts on the league system

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I am just another one of the faceless league players. I never played much ranked unless it was with a group of my friends. With this season coming out I decided to give it a whirl. During the pre-season I would queue up with my friend. We would play a few games a night every night of the week. We both started silver but quickly fell to bronze. Everything was fine because we were doing it together. At the start of the regular season, I was placed in to Silver 4 and he was placed in Bronze 2. I played a few games with him to start and He was staying in his division, but I quickly dropped to Silver 5. It was at this point that I decided to try a few games on my own. I play mid mostly and he plays support.

I won 5 games in a row and jumped back up to silver 4. He has since played games on his own and dropped to Bronze 3.

I am a little bit perturbed by this. I really like playing with my friend, but now I have the dilemma of caring about my rating or playing with him. I never thought, nor do I think now, that he was the reason why I was losing (let's face it support has little to do with the mid lane battle). Now that he is falling in rank he is starting to make comments about 'not having anyone to duo with now' and that he only gets people that feed and/or afk. Is this the difference between players in silver and bronze? Is he just unlucky? Am I just lucky? Is it the new attitude I've taken with random players? (I've taken on a new leaf with trying to be the glue with the random groups. When the randoms start to turn on one another I tell them "Come on guys, no negativity, focus on the game. If we fight together we can win team fights and turn it around." Every time I've done this we've had MIRACULOUS comebacks. If you were a part of my last few games, truly thank you for keeping the hope and winning those games with me! )

There is no real point to this, I am not standing on a soapbox about anything, I am just giving my experience. Does anyone have advice for me? Has anyone else experienced this?