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Ranking System Biased towards teams

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Is it just me or does the new system seem basically the same as the old one? Obviously the new system looks different, but it seems like that's all that's changed. I know some have claimed that ELO is gone, (why do I seem to remember reading a post somewhere with a dev. saying that it's not "gone" but just hidden?) but to me it seems the only real modification is that now instead of a large number telling me my general position in the rankings I get a constantly flopping smaller number.

I suppose what really gets me is that I like to play support. ( I can mid and top a bit too but...) As such I feel that ELO and the current ranking system never reflect well on me, or anyone for that matter. Even if I have a great game as a support (let's say something like 2/4/27 or something) and my team still looses, I am punished. I'm sure its the same for carrys and everyone else. If you do well, it doesn't necessarily matter, because at the end of the day you're only 1/5 of the total equation. Even if you go 20/3/11 as Olaf or another champion and your team still doesn't pull it together you get punished. (That's not even mentioning the griefers and the trolls.) I find myself constantly hoping for other people not to purposely screw me every time I push the "play" button.

I guess overall I just don't think that these ranking systems reflect individual skill, because your rank and ELO are not a reflection of your skill level or performance in the game, but rather a reflection of the people you got stuck with, both allies and enemies. We all have good days and bad days, and that will obviously affect how we play, but is it really fair to tell someone their rank in a system is based on the people the system arbitrarily put them with? Isn't that like saying, "Congratulations summoner! You're a "B" player because we've consistently put you with "B" players. Good job!" ?

I don't suppose this really matters to anyone who can afford to have all their buddies on to play with and can get a ranking as a team playing against other pre-mades. Then it seems like you're getting more of a "group score" calculated against another group. The key point here is that if there are problems you can talk it out, adjust your play-styles and try again with the same group of people. But for solo/duo ques it gets horribly frustrating. You're with a different group of randomly selected people at a time, almost guaranteed not to have the same player composition more than once just due to the shear number of people who play the game. Even if you find a duo que partner you can work with and play with consistently you can still only control 2/5 of the outcome.

So what are we supposed to do to move up? Hope that we get lucky enough to have a 10 or so game win streak? How likely is that? If it does happen, how many more times does that lightning need to strike for solo/duo ques to get anywhere in tiered progression? Even if you're one of those people willing to pay someone to "carry you out of elo hell", or whatever you're still only 2/5 of the team. And you can't know that the other three you'll be placed with aren't having bad days or aren't trolls.

Browsing around the forums the common response I see to this issue is along the lines of, "Lol, get a team nub!" or "Get out of your parent's basement and find some friends looser!" Which is wonderfully constructive feedback that directly addresses the problem at hand in a well thought out way. But setting that aside for a moment, lets consider a real life scenario:

Tito works for a petroleum engineering company which sends employees out to dig sites to monitor wells and take core samples. He is on call 4-6 days in a row and is often called up at moments notice and sent to the middle of nowhere on company business. As such his daily schedule has little regularity and often less access to reliable internet. He loves LOL and so plays whenever he can. He buys skins and posts on forums and other game related web sites. His job obviously prevents him joining a regularly meeting and playing team, but he still wants to feel like hes part of the community and that his skills as a player are measurably increasing. What is he to do when forced into a system that poorly rates him by judging him by the above mentioned standards? The same situation could be said of any number of people who don't have the luxury of a regular schedule and consistent access to internet. Parents, workers, graduate students etc.

Perhaps this is just the first world problem of a small group of people, but as players and customers of the game I feel we have a right to have our voices heard and answered. Especially when it seems as though we are being purposely and subtlety discouraged from participating in certain aspects or modes of the game. It seems a little wrong to advertise the game as one that anyone can learn and advance in (and can even go pro!) when that "anyone" doesn't include a potentially large sector of the games players.

So I need some feedback here. Is it just me? Am I missing some magic info that will make me feel all warm and fuzzy about this? Are these ranking system biased towards pre-mades and meaningless to solo ques?

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hard to read all of this cause im falling asleep. but i agree. XD good night

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Irish Red Cap

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The new system really is leaned towards team play. As a solo player the amount of trolls/dc/afk/grieving you get per team is insurmountably high. On top of that, while you can't "drop tiers" according to riot, the people stuck at the bottom tiers (silver and bronze) play with each other, while the upper 3 tiers play only within their tier lvl. So the so called 250 players of your skill level is really all the players in silver and bronze who queue'd at the same time. Good luck with the team draw it's a 1/10 chance that you are a good enough player to beat and carry all of them.