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rank DUO bot lane partner wanted. bronze going for gold

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im a good player and carry most games any rolemost of the time even as support

looking for duo partner. looking to win and play smart. prefurably someone bronze and looking for gold. i play practcaly every day 4 or 5 games or more. i play all roles but looking for bot lane duo. good adc or suport. i play both good. i wanna get out into the higher ranks and am tired of low ranks... i have comuncation ingame and in ts or skype. dosnt matter to me just want a great player to duo with. im a gold player stuck in bronze. would be nice to meet someone who knows how i feel and wants to improve or get gold seriously. i dont like blame games and attitudes
im 23 years old. looking for someone whos good at everything or at least is close and wants to improve

msg me ign: vexac