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Ranked Points System Bug

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After winning 10 ranked games in a row. I noticed the points I was recieving becoming less and less with each win. So, after being at 91 points and winning yet another game. I was moved up to 95 points. I decided to test a theory. In the next game. I was 11-0 as ezreal. I decided to throw the game to end the winning streak. I lost 19 points moving me to 76 points. I then played again and won. Moving me directly into my playoff matches. This doesn't seem to recommend holding true to the summoners code. If a player wins too many matches in a row. They are forced to throw in order to move up in rank. This seems to be a MAJOR flaw in the system. Players should not be penalized for consistant wins. Knowing this. It's my general understanding. If I get on a winning streak. It is more beneficial to throw a game to get more points in upcoming games. This IMO is going to promote more trolling. Furthering the frustration of other players. This Bug needs attention.