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I'm sorry, but the way you guys calculate people's rank is a bunch of ****. This is a game where you can be amazing, but have ONE person mess the whole game up and it makes u lose something that you worked hard for. I won 6 games in a row, got to my "promotion" round... lost because some kid didn't get to go mid like he wanted so he trolled. Then, no offense to less skilled players, but I'll get in a game wher esomeone is making the stupidest mistakes, and we get tortured for it. I got knocked back down a rank because of this happening 3 different times. Different scenarios, but the same outcome. How is it that we're judged on how BAD someone does in our game? You can be great at CSing, amazing map awareness, counter ur lane easy, but one lane doesn't do their job and ur screwed and u get punished. It's more than unfair, it's pathetic. I hate it. There needs to be some way where u can gauge someone's INDIVIDUAL play. Some formula. obviously keep that formula secret otherwise people will just try and meet those criteria instead of playing the game, but I know I'm not alone on this. I'm not an amazing player, but I'm better than most of the players that I get teamed up with and it's driving me insane. The amount of trolling and the "ha, I'm better than you even tho I'm 0-6-0 with 28 cs at 8 minutes, so I'm going to feed to teach u a lesson" it's obscene. Ran into someone that said their form of trolling was "cute" so they'd never get banned. NO ONE IS SCARED OF THE TRIBUNAL. which is another point entirely.

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I completely agree with you. I was a 1238 Elo before the new ranking system came out. I lost 3 in a row and dropped it down to 1058. Well then I got placed into bronze lV which is fine I didn't care on the sense that I didn't know how stupid the new ranking system was. Well then the first day I played I lost 6 games in a row with all randos and dropped to a bronze V league. Problem is I went positive every one of those six games. I agree one hundred percent that something should be changed in the fact that its a SOLO RANKiNG RIOT. Not a reflecting of the bad team you got put with. Just had one game last night were we had 2 guys fighting over jungle and both selected a jungle to "teach the other guy a lesson". Then last minute one of them switched their masteries and runes to a support role and ran support. Sounds ok right? Except for the fact that our support had already picked his champ and set runes and masteries for a support role. I think you can see where I'm going. We had 2 supports running bottom, which resulted in feeding the enemy teams adc. I'm also tired of everyone thinking their pro and trying to 1v5 every team I go against. Another thing that goes with my issue is the promotion series. I have been in the promotion series in bronze V 5 times now in 6 games. So now my current league ranking is stuck in bronze v due to the fact that I can't get matched up with a good team more than 1 out of 5 times. I'm not pro by all means guys but I'm a above average player. I have only went negative kdr one time out of my 16 games since the new rating system. Winning 2 out of 3 for me is impossible. So in other words this ranking system is killing my league ranking experience. I like the idea of the brackets and the league points. I don't like the idea of how I get league points and why I have to get "lucky" with 2 out of 3 good teams during my promotion period to get promoted. I'm not saying I'm a gold player guys. But hell at least let me have a better way to get promoted out of bronze V.