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League Of Legends - A joke

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Irish Red Cap

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I usually ban what champs seem to do good at the ELO.

Even the days of banning no-stun Eve cause players would allow her to roam so easily. You'd be forced to ban her over a shen/malphite. I've had the same expierence with people just not knowing how to deal with Irelia but the second I hit silver it was a lot harder to pull off certain plays against a more expierenced player.

If you go in assuming everyone but you is bad you'll make the same mistakes not running with a clear head. Its frustrating at times when your ADC will refuse to build a banshees in favor of their next damage item when they get CC'd/Bursted to death every fight or just not having a team react to certain things the enemy is planning One of the best things you can do is have a champ that can contribute to what your team can do. Even if your team is weak, making them stronger and more able to do their jobs with a good rounded champ (Top laners/junglers come to mind) you can perhaps give them the time/confidence they need to push them and make those plays happen. You see a Skarner on your team? Take Alistar even if you don't always support. It removes the threat of the enemy having a CC/Tank/Support capable of peeling a champ like Skarner and also compliments your team's front line CC and allows your Mid/Top to do their jobs easier.

I've gone in there with the must pick champ to carry mentality many times and I realize now its a mistake for some cases. Help your team over just yourself and you might see more people willing to play seriously Ignore the trolls or pick up a different game mode for a bit and make yourself a better team player since thats what this game is about.

This is why I actually prefer to be lower on the champion select list and not in the bans. Usually people will ban who they can't handle or think the team can't handle and as a result I can expect them to do decently. I fill any position although I main jungle and I ALWAYS ALWAYS try to coordinate my team by asking what roles they play and who they play with.

It's annoying to see an ADC say "I only play ez!!" when they have Caitlyn-Lulu on the other team. Instead of going for a more burst damage champ they believe they can win the poke fight even if they have a support like Leona who gives no sustain. I wish riot would put something in like captains where in champ select only they can see what others are saying so you get less arguments and more coordination from a single player to help create a well-rounded team. Not a mess up squishies.

Esq, the worst ranked game I ever played I Maokai jungled, first pick, my "team" thought since we had a tank they would pick ez, sona, lulu (mid), and vayne top. I had never been so insulted to think that they expected me to be the only front line and cover for all of their mistakes. The irony of it was that vayne and Ez obviously didn't understand how Maokai works, so when I would throw my ult around both of them they would tumble and flash out of it just to be demolished.

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Dude, it looks like you're the 1 who is trolling.

Khazix and Elise are perfectly fine bans, perhaps others would be better for you because you don't know how to fight every champion, But good Khazix players scare the **** out of me, and I've yet to see an exceptional elise player at my ELO (silver)

You HAVE to be open to suggestions when you're playing a competitive game, you can't act like you know what's best for your team unless you clearly are the best(IE: You're a diamond smurf) But you're Bronze I. I watch 30 seconds of your youtube video and I thought to myself, damn this guy is a troll, than I looked at who posted the video and face-palmed.

If you expect everyone to cater to your needs and you refuse to adapt to anyone else, gtfo out of our game, you're the one who is causing this plague.