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Things were finally going ok until...

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I was finally starting to enjoy my games in Lol ranked, less ragers, less threats of reporting, less trolls; that is until the new ranked system came out. I thought Id give it a few days to settle down, it hasnt. Iam not even joking when I say there is a troll, rager, multiple screams of "report" in literally every game with the new ranked. I can't stand it. Something about this new system has brought the worst of the worst into ranked. You can only be so polite to people who openly insult you with some of the worst manner seen in games today. Whats worse is these same bad mannered people are the ones who team up with one another. Once one foul mouthed person says "trash adc feeding" after just one death, another joins in to snowball the effect.

If you legitemately try and help some one with tips on how to play their champ, youre met with "**** you dumbass nub, reported". I want the old ranked system back, the one where only a game here and there had incredibly bad mannered players. This new one is creating a horrible effect.