[Map Concept] Battle Raids!

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This is an idea for a new map, (really game mode like dominion) and the basic concept is this.....

Battle Raids! (still working on a name)

Where 2 teams race to finish an instance in LOL. Champions must race to finish the raid before the other team does. Progress bar at the top showing the teams progress.

The teams would be able to chose certain path ways that would take them to the Mini bosses, treasure, or a trap, leading up to the final boss fighting minions and other creatures along the way. There would be infinite spawned creatures to gain exp from at certain pools or something in order to level up so they can fight the next boss, etc.

If they die they must race back to their companions, or maybe a summoner spell to revive teammates, with new home bases along the way as check points.

Every couple min (10 maybe or longer) the teams are interrupted by a dueling event where team members can duel for more exp and to hamper the other teams progress (by forcing the revival cd).

This would be a longer game mode and thus would feature more IP rewards, Players would be rated on how much they contributed to the boss fights. I think this mode would be great! And could put more emphasis on the champion roles (such as tank, support, etc).

Let me know what you think and post some ideas for improvement!!!