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New system, Demotions.

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J Learned Hand

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100% agree. At the very least the demotion equation should consider a longer span of games before demoting. I started in Silver II, was demoted after losing 3/4, then went on a streak and got back to Silver II in a couple of days. Then, after another 3/4 losing streak, I was demoted again. Seems kinda arbitrary if u ask me, especially considering that my scores the last 3 losses were 24-8-8, 9-5-3, and 2-2-2. I'm not saying that I didn't make mistakes or that the losses were entirely my team's fault. But it would make sense to factor in the player's KDA when deciding whether to demote. If a player loses 4 games in a row but has a solid KDA that suggests the player is competent for the division but is just having bad luck, whether it's because of troll teams, AFKs, or whatever.

I know Riot implemented the new rating system because they wanted ranked play to feel more "meaningful" for low ELOs. However, arbitrarily swinging between the same two divisions is anything but.

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AD Bottom:
It's actually the exact opposite, as counter intuitive as that sounds. If you gain 3 LP, you were actually slated to lose. The system believes you're not "worthy", as it were, of being where you are, so it makes it difficult for you to increase. Similarly, it makes it easier for you to drop.

However, your unviewable MMR (the equivalent of Elo) will go up more quickly in the games you gain a small amount of LP. As this gets closer to where you should be (and it will climb quickly if you continue winning these games), your LP gain will increase again.

Kudo's good sir, thank you for correcting me.

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Player : How does my skill compare with other players?

Riot : You've got 40 points in division 3.

Player : Does that mean I'm better than the person with 30 points in division 3?

Riot : No, your MMR is the true skill indicator. That players MMR may be higher even though they have less points.

Player : Oh, ok. Can I see my MMR then?

Riot : You want to see your MMR?

Player : I think I'm entitled to?

Riot : You want to see your MMR?!?!

Player : I want the truth!

Riot : You can't handle the truth!

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So i started in Bronze 2 after the patch i quickly went up to Bronze 1.

I than went on win streaks 3 different times and go to the promotion series of 5 three times.

I lost all three time by 1 game and now shortly after got demoted back to bronze 2.

I go on 3-12 game win streaks but everytime i get the chance to go to Silver, i get team mates that are bronzeVI and its just un carriable esp cuz i main support.

Now i have to grind back up to bronze 1 to try and grind back up to Silver.