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I'm in Division hell and I can't get out

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Here was my proposed solution:

It is simple and elegant, and would put an end to the qq'ing forever.

Random matchmaking.

Think about it. If everyone get the same matches all the time, there can be no elo/mmr/division hell.

Think you are "stuck"? Now you have the same matches as everyone else.

Convinced you are so good you can carry regardless? Perfect. You will now have the opportunity to prove it.

Don't I feel sorry for the Gold players who will get stuck with terribad Bronze players all the time? Nope. If you are as good as you think - - at least as the typical post on GD would indicate, you can carry easily. That and the fact that this is who I get stuck with. Prove you are better than me - - and I know most of you are -- by doing better playing with and against the same people I do.

Because everyone would literally be getting the same matchmaking, the most anyone could ever say is that they might have gotten unlucky. This is always true, but bad luck is just that... luck... not something for which you can blame Riot/Matchmaking.

Does this sound like a nightmare to you? Welcome to my LoL gaming experience.

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You are well aware your put against the entire community .. NOT just your division correct? If you are having such a bad experience then maybe you should consider playing a different Champion. I see a lot of people cry about being in HELL but are picking champion like Ezreal or Ashe ( who NEEDS a competent team to do well ) instead of like Caitlyn and Graves who can have a bad team and do AWESOME.... or my favorite .... you play MId - AFK farm mid for the first 20 mins then QQ cause your top and Bottom are loosing ... well, some advice - GANK and don't afk farm. That's the role of Mid .... Roam with your Jungler to destroy top and bottom.

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I play team ranked all the time. We are about 1400 in S3, and were the same S2. I am the ADC for our team, and aside from a few clicking errors I have and the occasional out of position (still hitting higher CS numbers regardless), the games go amazingly well. That being said, even if I duo with the same team members (some of which are gold in solo/duo), and even if we both are fed and win our lanes (or I jungle and help to feed my teammates), we almost always end up losing. Currently in S3, I have about 1 win, and 8 losses, all because of the other 3 players feeding and generally sucking (even if I, as the jungler, help give them kills to win their lane). People can talk about individual skill all they want, and pretend as if "elo hell" doesn't exist, but it is the team that wins the game, especially when the enemy is fed. It is an outlier when a single person can carry a game, and any rational suggesting otherwise ignores the many factors that go into it. So please, do continue to irritatingly tell people to carry themselves out of a game when they're play with ~4 other people, who can end up being 9 versus 1.

Yes. the enemy can have just as many bad players. I completely agree. However, the issue is that even if my duo partner is the same skill or better, and we both are fed and have little to no deaths, we cannot 2v5, especially if that 5 is fed, even if they suck. Both teams can suck major ass. Just because they may all suck whereas only 3 on your team sucks doesn't mean you automatically win because those 3 people are still holding you back as a team, whereas you're essentially 2 people versus 8, and they (the enemy) has just as many chances to have someone good than bad. I make no claim it is only and always my team that sucks. However, it is only when my team fails where it matters.

People can bring up "mathematically" all they want, but it's statistics, and statistics are overrated in today's world. If someone truly values math, they'd use more factors, more numbers, etc. than just that one small figure. Because at the end of the day, there are many factors that go into it. It is also amusing to see "Well, out of 10 players, the problem seems to be you", which simply doesn't make sense. Amazing the logic many has.

Edit: I should mention that in those ~ 8 games lost in solo/duo (always with a gold partner), the three other people in my team have gained relatively no cs, and have fed the enemy about 10 kills in 15 minutes per person (slight exaggeration). My partner and I usually end up at about 9 kills, 0-2 deaths. I do consider most of it bad luck, being matched with people like that so much. But it comes down to teamplay, and our 3 people and the enemy may have bad skills, but its not individual skills the game is made out. Those 3 people are holding back our team in fights, and the enemy has a better chance of winning those team fights (especially when your 3 teammates keep going out in the map (neglecting the team, etc) and getting killed 1 by 1, perhaps the most common mistake I see at this level){.

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I Get That

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So by your logic, people who play support more often should never make it out of bronze because of KDA. You and the rest of the people trying to say "lol be better", make a new account, lose your placement matches, and work your way out of bronze v in solo que. It is not that easy.

Actually... you do if you get unlucky with your placement matches.

No by my logic, That I play mainly carry roles and it seems that I do well no? If you do support you should have that many deaths, and you should have a lot of Assists..

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Just like "elo Hell" if you're there, you're more then likely there for a reason.. I mean I have a 6.5 - 4.0 KDA Average So it shows that I'm positive everygame or almost but I'm still in Silver 2 It means you're not a good rounded player

like k\d mean anything........i play mostly supports so if my adc sucks, which in bronze 3 iv been getting alot of the sucky ones n few of the good, ur pretty much screwed............

the problem is not with where u are its who you're teamed with.....countless of times i get put with ppl who have no clue how to counter pick and end up getting destroyed as a result then whine at me for not being better support...........

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wow why do people in this forum flag everything negative, meybe some games are filled with people that are morons, GASP YES THERE ARE BAD PLAYERS OMG WHAT A NEW DISCOVERY.

OP the only thing u can do is get someone that can play and duo. Thats it.