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LEAGUEWATCH for Android Beta

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Hello fellow summoners,

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but it technically is a fan creation. So LEAGUEWATCH is a small Android app that I have built to give me a quick snapshot of who is currently streaming. It has been an on again off again personal project, but I wanted to release it to give back to the community. So without further ado:

- Get a quick overview of who is currently streaming from your mobile device
- See what your favorite streamers have recently been playing and what they are building
- Get notifications whenever your favorite streamers come online

The app will be coming out on the Play store soon (probably 1-2 weeks) but if anyone here would like to assist in beta testing, I could absolutely use the help testing on different devices.

If you would like to beta test, just send an email to [email]beta@leaguewat.ch[/email] with what kind of device you have and what version of Android you have on it. You will need to know how to sideload apps onto your device to install it since it is not on the Play store yet. I will be sending out betas tonight, and will add more screenshots too.

Screenshot (http://augustuswm.com/site/phone.png)

The app upon release will be free, no-ads, and open source.

Special Thanks
Riot Games for their game and all of their support of the eSports community
LoL Stream Browser for the inspiration to create this
Elophant for their great API

Thanks for reading this and have a nice day!