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What if PlayStation bought out Riot...

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Rozzie IV

Junior Member


it would likely never happen, but it'd be cool to see the PS posterboys get a league treatment...

Solid Snake – the Master of Espionage

Assassin/Ranged Carry

Weapon – Pistol (ranged)

Passive – Rations Expert - When solid snake kills an enemy unit, they have a chance to drop a ration pack. If Solid snake or a fellow champ steps on the ration, they are healed for a base amount.

Q – Tranquilizer Dart – Solid Snake fires a dart that stuns the enemy target for duration. If the target is a champion, he deals bonus attack damage to the target during the next 3 seconds.

W – Smoke One – Solid Snake smokes a cigarette and reduces health regen and mana regen, while gaining bonus attack damage and attack speed for the duration.

E – OctoSuit Camouflage – when activated, solid snake turns invisible. If he attacks an enemy from behind while invisible, he deals bonus ability damage.

R – Metal Gear Barrage – Solid snake calls in a metal gear to fire a barrage of missiles in a line. It can then be activated one more time to jump in and slam the ground in a target area.

Cole McGrath – the Hero of Empire City

AP Melee/Bruiser

Weapon – Amp (melee)

Passive – Conduit - Cole gains extra mana regen based on the amount of bonus AP he has to a cap. When Cole McGrath dies, he explodes dealing magic damage to enemy champions and minions.

Q – Lightning blast - Cole fires a bolt of lightning in a straight line. Enemies hit are slowed, the more enemies hit the less the slow is applied.

W – Arc Jump – Cole jumps to target location, slamming his Amp into the ground dealing magic damage. If it hits an enemy champion, they take extra damage.

E- Lightning field – Passive: Cole’s Auto attacks create an electrical charge that chain off target onto other enemies. Active: for the duration, Cole’s auto attacks deal bonus magic damage and he gains bonus move speed that stacks five times.

R – Ionic Storm – Cole creates an electrical tornado that he fires in a straight line. All targets hit by the tornado are popped up. The storm deals magic damage that reduces magic resist the longer they stay in the area of effect.

Kratos – the Killer of Gods

AD Jungler/ AD Bruiser

Passive – Ghost of Sparta – When Kratos changes weapons, he gains bonus armor and attack speed for a few seconds.

Q – Blades of Exile – passive: Kratos’ attacks become ranged. Active: Kratos throws his blades out. If it strikes a target champion or minion or monster, he is dragged to the targets location.

W – Nemean Cestus – Passive: Kratos deals extra attack damage to monsters and champions. Active: Kratos’ next three attacks reduce the targets armor and deals true damage.

E – Blade of Olympus – Passive: Kratos’ melee range is increased; his auto attacks deal magic damage. Active: for the next few seconds Kratos’ auto attacks heal him for a % of his missing health.

R – Rage of the Titans – For duration, Kratos takes extremely reduced damage. If he kills a champion while in duration, he is healed equal to a % of the targets max health. Also if the target is killed the cool down is halved.

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Ehh I would like nintendo charecter more but nintendo would mess the game up