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With Spring Training and the World Baseball Classic just around the corner,

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Rob Blackblade

Junior Member


I present to you the League of Legends baseball team. I'm not an artist by any means, but these might be fun skin ideas. It's also 3am and I'm really bored.

Second base: Ezreal. A speedy left-handed hitter, Ez provides plus defense and a great batting eye to go along with great speed.
Center field: Jarvan. A prototypical #2 hitter from the right side, Jarvan focuses on OBP, good defense, and getting Ez into scoring position.
Shortstop: Jayce. The defender of tomorrow proves to be the perfect franchise player. A 5-tool switch hitting shortstop, he does it all.
Designated hitter: Darius. Age has robbed the right handed slugger of his glory days on the field, but he still brings a ton of power to the position.
First base: Graves. A former third baseman, Graves shifted over to first as his range started to go. Still provides good right-handed power with some solid contact and OBP abilities.
Third base: Garen. A lefty hitter, Garen proves to be a leader on the field. While not having quite the power expected of the position, a lofty batting average and on base percentage make Garen a valuable asset.
Right field: Gangplank. A switch hitter, Gangplank does some of everything, but nothing particularly well.
Catcher: Taric. A righty bat who fills the team's support role, Taric provides more defense than anything else.
Left field: Singed. A left-handed hitter with some speed, his experiments have left him more ideal in the bottom of a lineup than his old spot as a leadoff hitter.
Starting pitcher: Shen. A crafty veteran, Shen uses a deep arsenal and knowledge over raw power. Rarely injured, he's a reliable workhorse atop any rotation.
Closing pitcher: Draven. Perfectly capable of starting, his power stuff plays up amazingly in the ninth inning. Though his control sometimes eludes him, triple-digit heat gets him out of all the trouble he gets himself in to.

Manager: Swain. The master tactician proves a baseball mind too, as the thinking man's game captures Noxus's ruler's fascination.
Pitching coach: Gragas. Despite the drinking and character issues, the man that once made scouts drool with his massive frame in his youth instills his knowledge into pitchers with ease.
Hitting coach: Trundle. From Little League to the big leagues, Trundle's admiration of hitting makes him into an excellent coach.

So yeah. WBC skins? We had the World Cup ones. And let's face it, since Jarvan IS America, why not throw a jersey and cap on him?