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Lore sold champions

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I was looking through old judgements and lores of some of the champions that came out when lore existed, and man, some of them were cool. Xerath's, for example was incredible. I mean just look at the comments on it. Almost every single one of them was "Wow, what a badass!", "Instabuy!", or "I can't wait for this champion".

Now what do we have? A poorly written set of paragraphs and some ability descriptions. How much effort would it take to put together an interesting judgement whenever you put out a champion? You did it when you were pumping champions out like crazy, surely you can do it now that you've slowed the pace a bunch, right?

I just miss getting drawn into this game. Now it just sort of feels like Call of Duty with swords and bows. Just a bunch of people fighting each other for no particular reason.