[Champion Concept] Iodun, The Liaison of Darkness

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Iodun is a mage who specializes in maintaining awareness of his surroundings and synergy of his spells. His versatile map vision altering kit can be used to change the flow of a battle.

Passive: Shadow pursuit
Enemy champions within a 2500 range radius of Iodun who enter fog of war (via leaving vision range or entering brush) range remain revealed for 1 second and are marked for 4 seconds. Iodun gains 15% movement speed moving towards enemies marked by shadow sight, regardless of whether they are visible to him or not.

There will be a shadowy eye particle to indicate when an enemy has been marked. The pupil of the eye will be red while they are revealed, and will become blackish for the rest of the mark duration.

Q-Night Brand
Iodun brands a target enemy with a curse of darkness, dealing 70/110/150/190/230 (+.6 ap) magic damage, and leaving a Night Brand that lasts 6 seconds. The next two abilities cast on enemies afflicted with the night brand have bonus effects, and the second additional spell that hits the enemy will cause the night brand to detonate, dealing 45/60/75/90/105 (+.6 ap) additional magic damage.

Night Brand- Stuns the target for 1 second. A target may only be stunned once per mark. (No double stun if you max your cdr)

Range- 650
Cooldown- 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds

Note- Casting night brand on an enemy already affected by night brand will NOT refresh the night brand debuff.

First cast:
After a .75 second delay, Iodun summons a blast of discordant chaos, dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+.6 ap) magic damage in an area.

Second Cast:
Iodun creates an area of soothing chaos, healing all allies within it for 40/50/60/70/80 hp for each enemy champion hit by the first activation, and 10/15/20/25/30 hp for each minion/monster hit over 2 seconds. This value caps at 80/120/160/200/240.

Night Brand- the heal amount is increased by a flat 20 (+.2 ap). This value is unaffected by the heal cap, and is halved on marked minions and monsters. This bonus will stack if multiple marked targets are hit.

Cast range- 800
Radius of damage AoE- 250
Radius of heal AoE- 400
Cooldown- 11 seconds

E-Umbra Chains
Iodun Throws out a chain of darkness that will take hold of the first target it hits, dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+.7 ap) magic damage. The chain will then bounce to the nearest target, but prioritizing units affected by night brand, dealing the same amount of damage. Each unit tethered is slowed by 20/25/30/35/40%. The tether lasts 4 seconds.

Night Brand- The target is rooted for the first second of the duration, and the chains will bounce 3 additional times.

Cast range- 900 (skill shot)
Bounce distance- 575 (skill shot)
Leash Range- 1000, 650 on additional targets.

Cooldown- 8 seconds

R- Black Detonation
Iodun places a dark bomb on an enemy champion. After 1 second, the bomb will detonate, dealing 200/300/400 (+.75 ap) magic damage to enemies in an area. Furthermore, an area of effect will remain for 3/5/7 seconds, Stealthing allied champions as they stand in it, and granting enemies that walk into it true sight but severely restricting their sight range.

Night Brand- The target will be silenced and blinded for 2 seconds when the bomb detonates.

Cast range- 750 (target spell)
AoE Damage radius- 500
AoE Vision impairment radius- 500, diminishes over time.


Iodun's parents died shortly after he was born. How he made his way to an orphanage in Demacia thereafter is a story shrouded in enigma. However, a loving mother and father from an aristocratic lineage found him and decided to take him as one of their own, despite his strange habit of keeping his room only ever dimly lit, and displaying nocturnal habits. Perhaps his parents were intrigued by his uniqueness, and despite these behaviors, their love for him was genuine, and Iodun loved them in return, feeling fortunate and blessed to be cared for by such kind parents. However, as he grew up, his habits grew ever more eccentric, locking himself in his room for days on end and always looking on reverently at the black night. Finally, one day he left his room, with a proud smile on his face, and went to show his parents and younger sister the magic he had mastered. The strange and unnerving images of chaos that he presented surprised his parents, and the looks they gave each other and to Iodun afterwards showed him that his powers were strange and unwanted. He fell into a deep depression, and one day ran away from home. His parents ran after him, pleading for his return, but Iodun shrouded his family's mansion in darkness, such that they wouldn't find him until he was already far from home.

For several years Iodun wandered the streets, surviving by with petty theft, shrouding stores in darkness and stealing food amidst the resulting confusion. However, the higher-ups of Demacia would eventually take notice of these strange robberies and would send Lux to investigate. With her illuminating magics, she would eventually find Iodun, dispelling the darkness he used to sneak around. However, upon seeing the frail, withered young man, she felt sympathy for his circumstance, as well as intrigue in his abilities, and offered that he join the covert ops division of the Demacian military force. He reluctantly agreed, and despite his overwhelming lack of confidence and skepticism from the military generals, he quickly proved himself to be a powerful force as a spy, his light-removing abilities allowing him to create massive panic within enemy lines as ally forces marched in to rush them down. With his newfound fame and respect, Iodun now fights in the institute of war, hoping to find answers regarding how he obtained his powers as well as to demonstrate to the world the elegance of his craft.

"His nature is reflected in the quality of his magic. With the confidence to use his power to its fullest potential, Iodun's power could-no, would be devastating." -Lux

Dialogues- (Iodun's voice is very soft-spoken, at a mid-level pitch, but with deep undertones)

On Champion Select- "Ah... me?"

"If you think I should."
"Don't let the darkness consume you."
"Into the night, then." (Similar to evelynn)
"Do you resent me, Sister?"
"Where are we going?" (Shared by amumu)
"Please don't hate me."
"Half of the day is dark, yet we ignore it."
"Mother, Father, I'm sorry."
"I would never wish this upon anybody else."
"Release me from this pain."
"Darkness spreads... unfortunately."
"This is not something to be proud of."

"This is necessary." (I think this is shared by someone else)
"Branded by night"
"I don't hate you."
"Darkness is it's own light"
"The shadows shouldn't be feared." (A reference to Vayne's dialogue- "The shadows are to be feared.")
"Make it dark." (Contrasting lux's dialogue- "Light em up.")
"Light fades."
"Does it hurt?"
"What do you see?"

Casting ultimate on any target.
"This is not your fault."
"Feel the night's glory." (In contrast to Leona's dialogue- "Feel the sun's glory.")

Interactions with Vayne:
"Is this where I am hunted?"
"Do you remember me? Do you want to?"
"A fitting end for us both, Shauna."

Slaying her:
"Please forgive me."
"I have not fallen..."

Interactions with Nocturne:

"You misuse the darkness."
"It sickens me to be associated with you."

Casting Ultimate:
"There's your darkness." (Shared by graves)

Casting Ultimate on Graves:
"Your smokescreen can't even compare."

Upon being slain by any of lux's or leona's basic attacks/abilities.
"Ah... the light..."
"It's... so bright..."

Taunt (a miasma of darkness whirls around Iodun until he focuses it above his outstretched hand.)
"Don't get too close. You may not like what you see."
"Those who sleep at night will rest eternally in my presence."

Joke (Iodun looks down, and then up towards the sky, presumably at the summoner.)
"You think I'm strong? That's a pretty clever joke."
"Please stop... I'm not really into humor."