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Sui, The Oracle of Frost. [ARTWORK INSIDE]

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Taco the Dragon

Senior Member


Name: Sui
Name Origin: Whoever guesses it's origin gets a cookie.

Title: Oracle of Frost

Description: Sui is a attack damage and mage assassin that is adept at casting all his abilities really fast, each of which get stronger as he casts them.

Roles: Mage, Melee, Jungler, Assassin

Mechanics: Sui doesn't use mana or energy. All his spells have no costs, and whenever he casts a spell, he gets revved up. At a certain point, he will 'level' his revved upness and all his spells get stronger or change.

Added Effects: When Sui hits 90 energy points, very thick steam begins to rise off him. It's purely cosmetic.

Health: 425 (+84/level)
Health Regen: 6.75 (+0.4/level)
Attack Damage: 51.7 (+3.2/level)
Attack Speed: 0.658 (+3%/level)
Armor: 14.75 (+4/level)
Magic Resistance: 30 (+0/level)
Move Speed: 320


Sui is from a tribe far up in the mountains called the Koori tribe. There, he was a teacher to children who were just entering school. Everybody loved him, as he was what the children liked. He was funny, and he never seemed to make anyone upset. He would also sometimes entertain his students with his amazing magic powers to control ice. Whenever someone asked, he would always reply that he was always able to use his power over ice, and he was soon deemed a cryomancer. A while later, the Koorian military wanted him as a soldier, Sui, not wanting to leave his students declined and resumed his teaching career. The Koorian military grew angry and continued to pursue him to join their army. Each time, Sui declined the offer and ignored them. Finally, the military lost it, and started to spread rumors about Sui. After hearing of these rumors, Sui was imediatly fired and was left homeless. Although, Sui knew where the rumors came from, he went to the military, and attacked. The entire military was obliterated in miliseconds from Sui's extreme power.
Knowing that he is likely a wanted man in his tribe, Sui left for Valoran to find a new life. As soon as he arrived though, chaos already began. Somehow the rumors spread to Valoran. He was sought out by people who wanted to apprehend him and turn him in. Sui didn't want to make himself more wanted, so he went into hiding and made a new identity. He was able to get a teaching job, but just as he thought he had settled in, a summoner discovered who he really was and had him apprehended. Sui didn't go down with a fight however, he easily overpowered the summoner, but the summoner wasn't alone. Sui was brought down and taken to the League of Legends. There, he was equipped with a hextech item that reduced his power and forced to fight in the League as his punishment. Fortunatly, Sui was able to keep his teaching job, where he taught children and fought for their sake in the League.
Though he is cold on the outside, he still has a warm heart on the inside.

Passive: Hextech Limiter: Sui's true power is limited by the Hextech device, but he is strong enough to resist some of it. Every time he casts a spell or autoattacks, he gains energy, allowing him to resist the Limiter further. (1 Energy per autoattack) When Sui hits 30 energy points, all his spells temporarly level up, becoming stronger. When he hits 65 his spells change for extra effects, and when he gets 90 energy points, his next basic attack will deal 5% of the targets HP as true damage and consume 60 energy points.


Q: Shiver Blade: Sui charges his katana with freezing energy, causing his next basic attack to deal additional magic damage and slow the enemy for a few seconds.
Damage: 40/50/60/70/80/90 Magic damage (+0.15 per attack damage, ability power and +0.35 per energy point.)
Slow: 25/30/35/40/50% for 2 seconds.
Energy gain: 2 energy points.
Cool down: 10 seconds.

Q: Shiver Blade Level 2: Next basic attack deals even more damage and slows the target for a longer duration.
Damage: 50/70/90/110/140 Magic damage (+0.25 per attack damage, ability power and + 0.35 energy point.)
Slow: Same as level 1 for 2.5 seconds.
Energy gain: Same as level 1.
Cool down: 9 seconds.

Q: Icy Mirror Blade: Sui charges his blade with much energy than normal. If you right click on an enemy or monster that is in 600 radius range, Sui will immiediatly blink to the target and deal magic damage and slow them.
Damage: 150/165/170/180/200 Magic damage (+0.25 per attack damage, ability power and +0.35 per energy point.)
Slow: Same as level 1 for 2.5 seconds.
Energy gain: Same as level 1
Cool down: 10 seconds.

W: Dissolution: Sui creates a field around his body that fires freezing water all around him. Enemies caught in the water take magic damage and are slowed for a duration. Additionally, Sui gets a small shield after casting this.
Damage: 40 / 70 / 120 / 180 / 220 Magic damage. (+0.15 per ability power, attack damage and energy point.)
Slow: 35% for 1.5 seconds.
Energy gain: 2 per enemy hit. 3 for minions.
Cool down: 7 seconds.
Shield: 35 / 45 / 50 / 75 / 100 per enemy hit for 3 seconds.

W: Dissolution Level 2:
Damage: 90 / 160 / 230 / 290 / 350 Magic damage. (Same as level 1)
Slow: Same as level 1
Energy gain: Same as level 1
Cool down: 6 seconds.
Shield: 70 / 90 / 100 / 150 / 200 per enemy hit for 2 seconds.

W: Clear Ice: This is differant than all of the other spells. When Sui's spells go to rank 3, this stays at rank 2 and after being cast, while the shield is still on you, can be cast. Sui breaks his shield, slowing enemies greater and becoming stealthed for a few seconds.
Damage: Same as level 2
Slow: 65% for 1.5 seconds.
Cool down: 20 seconds
Energy gain: 3 per enemy hit.


E: Ice Skating: Cast in a skill shot, but has an added effect if cast near an enemy champion. Sui dashes to target location, but if an enemy is nearby upon cast, Sui with quickly dash to them, deal damage, and then dash to the targeted location. Sui will only hit one champion with this spell.
Damage: 20 / 30 / 80 / 150 / 200 Magic damage. (+0.15 per ability power, attack damage, and energy point.)
Cool down: 20 seconds.
Energy gain: 3 if cast without attacking. 4 if cast with attack.

E: Ice Skating Level 2:
Damage: 80 / 110 / 160 / 250 / 300 Magic damage. (+0.15 per ability power, attack damage and energy point.)
Cool down: 20 seconds.
Energy gain: Same as level 1

E: Freezing Assault:
Cast in a skill shot, if no champions are present, Sui just dashes to the location. If enemy champions are nearby, Sui will first dash to one, and then you can reactivate this ability, targeting another enemy champion or location, causing Sui to dash to them dealing increases damage. Sui can reactivate this ability a maximum of 5 times with only one cast per champion.
Damage: Same as level 2. +25% per champion hit.
Cool down: 20 seconds.
Energy gain: 5 per champion hit.


R: Chillrend: Sui breaks away from his limiter and begins to slowly freeze time as he charges for a single attack.
Time stop: Everything begins to slow until time completely stops over 4 seconds. Sui is rooted during this time.
Mechanics: When time has almost stopped, Sui can reactivate the ability and deliver the slash to the enemy and end the time stop effect. This time effect affects all allies enemies, even projectiles.
Damage: 100/200/300 Magic damage. (+0.25 per ability power, attack damage and energy point.)
Cost: Drains all of Sui's energy, setting it to 0.
Range: 450 units.
Cool down: 1:50, 1:30, 1:15
Added effect: As time is freezing, frost will begin to accumulate over the edge of everyones screen.



"Everything just got a whole lot colder."

"I see..."
"I'm on it."
"It's freezing time."
"Are you cold, summoner?"
"The Ice Age has begun."

"I'll chill them to the bone!"
"You're begining to show signs of frostbite." *As if he is singing 'It's begining to look alot like christmas' fashin.*

"With great power, comes great responsibility. *Looks around and belches out a cloud of ice vapor.*"

"You must really like the color blue, you're covered in it!"


Sounds like the english dub version of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Sui wears a robe along with a tucked in shirt and weat pants. He wears the robe like a cape. Everything is a differant shade of blue, his robe is regular blue, his tucked in shirt, is teal, his sweat pants are a little darker than teal, and his hat is the same as his pants.

Sui's full body: *******http://i47.tinypic.com/2gucbic.jpg********
Head shot of Sui without his hat: *******http://i48.tinypic.com/25rhtus.jpg********

Sui's eyes and hair a as white as snow.

I hope you like this Idea.

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Taco the Dragon

Senior Member


Bump for feed back.

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Senior Member


Just a quick question, when you say at 900 energy his attacks deal true damage, how hard is it to get to 900 energy, cause it seems like mage or not, you would just build AD with attack speed and some crit, and get to 900 energy then deal like 300-400 true damage every 2.5 seconds with full attack speed? especially since he seems to have....3 dashes (ult too i assume since they are frozena dn you can walk up to them) and a slow.

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Taco the Dragon

Senior Member


It's difficult. He gains only about 4 or 5 energy when he auto attacks.

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Junior Member


Im not sure about the true dmg but this champion would be really cool good job on it.

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Ding Chavez

Junior Member


Not factoring in the energy or the ability power bonuses on his abilities and just off a quick look...this champion with 300 AD and 900 energy would deal 1225 pure damage with his 4 abilities combined. Again, this doesn't include runes, masteries, the AP or energy bonuses to his abilites so he would do well over that, pretty much insta-death for any carries.

The ultimate simply can not work in this game. I just don't see riot ever including a mechanic that literally freezes the game for everyone for 7 seconds. Imagine your Vayne. team fight starts. Ultimate freezes time, this hero walks past your team with no skill whatsoever and either kills you or comes close in about 1 second after casting his true damage abilities then just dashes away.

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Leo Tomita

Senior Member


sorry for the huge delay...i was busy...badly

so let's start this

Passive: Hextech Limiter: its a fine innate...is kinda like shyvana for spells...i trully get your point here BUT there are a few couple of things that are buggin me

why 900 energy points? to be more difficult to stack? ok the! so why not 100 energy stacks with basic attacks and spells adding 1 energy? this way you will need 100 sttacks+spells to reach full "active abilities" upgrades.......by your example you will need 180 attacks+spells to fully upgrade the skills..capische? AND
i saw skills that uses the amount of energy stack to deal bonus damage, and tha is fine! since the amount stacked is low...but it can grows at 900 energy points
as such

Q: Shiver Blade: has a too low cooldown because this skill sinegises with AD and AP and Energy Points
0.35 AD and AP is cool...but 0.35 energy points mean 35% of 900 wich is 315 bonus damage as TRUE DAMAGE BONUS....so if my math is correct...at normal bases...200 AD and AP is completely normal for a hibrid build like Akali/Kayle/Jax ..and so on...
Shiver blade will deal 200 + 70 AD + 70 AP + 315 Energy = 655 TRUE damage at first hit and remember after 4 seconds (maybe less with CD Reduc from blue buff....2,4 seconds) you can Shiver Blade the enemy again dealing 500~600 True damage again and SLOWING...

so ..i think you underestimate the power of your innate + skills + basic attacks...Irelia deal true damage on her attacks but it is 30~35 if i recall it.....

W: Dissolution: this skill have the same number problems of Q in my opinion base damages, true damages, cooldown

350 + 70 AD + 70 AP + 315 Energy = 805 TRUE DAMAGE every 6~3,6 seconds

but size of the shield is fine...since the skill haven't kill everything in the area around her

and for a champion who can deal enormous tons of true damage stealth isn't a little too much going on??

ps: you forgot to add the size of the AoE


400 + 70 AD + 70 AP + 315 Energy = 855 TRUE DAMAGE to ALL CHAMPIONS nearby?
but wait!! there's more!
855 + 75% (641,25) = 1496 TRUE DAMAGE on Second target
1496 + 75% (1122) = 2618 TRUE DAMAGE on Third target
2618 + 75% (1963,5) = 4581 TRUE DAMAGE on Fourth target
4581 + 75% (3436) = 8017 TRUE DAMAGE on Fifth target

my record total health was with Dr. Mundo..i had almot 5200 and believes me i was feeded even if i with this mundo ill die, if i was the third enemy champion attacked by her

remembering every jump you gain 100 energy....

AAAAND the whole enemy team dies!

if you wait until you have 890 energy points and decide to attack some one you will deal with absolutely no interruption 2100~2315 damage to a target and even if by some miracle of God he survives you can ult and deal 800~950 TRUE damage more to the target....you will be depleted of energy but trust me NO League of Legends Champion can survive this...maybe if Fizz...and Fizz only...praying to do not cast the skill at wrong time

1- Low amount of energy
2- increase the cd of Q and W
3- remove true damage
4- low the energy ratio of all skills
5- low the duration of slow of Q and W....it can permaslow someone ..and that is OP
6- low base damage of all skills

the thing is...mechanicaly he has nothing new only dashes...basic attacks..a little disable...
but it fits the theme, a mistical swordmen fast a crude assassin but in my opinion you exagerate the damages WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much

as the Innate ...wich is original you only miss to se one thing the "energy" on him works like AP or AD but since level 1 you can have 900 energy points...and that is a 5 tons wrecking ball to the head of anything who crosses his path...a good foe to face Sui is Kratos.......or Goku ....Satan..i dont know...

way to "fix" Sui in my opinion? low the 900 energy size to 100
instead of 5 per skill or attack ....1 energy per skill or attack
remove or low the energy rate of ALL skills
remove the true damage thing...Vayne needs 3 basic attacks to deal 4% health as true damage ...olaf deal 350~300 true damage on the thunder every 6~10 seconds...and it cost his health...so...true damage is VERY tricky to use

is better a crude review like this than a useless tap on your back saying that is all good...

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I stopped at
Attack Damage: 64 (+8)

Seriously why is every champ designed by players of this game so overpowered?

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Taco the Dragon

Senior Member


I nerfed Sui so he is much more balanced. I didn't realize the true damage would be such a problem. I lowered all his damage to compensate for all the bonuses from AP and AD plus his energy.

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Senior Member


Since no one's tried for the cookie yet, 水, the Han character for water, is historically pronounced sui, and can be found as a reading of the character in several languages, primarily Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

Anyway, people really do have a point that your character's base stats aren't in the right ballpark - as a character with above-melee range and is manaless, his base stats aren't going to be especially impressive to begin with. Some of the stats work, like the Health, but your Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Armor are all much higher than any character in the game. Consider these - much lower - stats, balanced against other similar characters in the game:

Health: 425 (+84/level)
Health Regen: 6.75 (+0.4/level)
Attack Damage: 51.7 (+3.2/level)
Attack Speed: 0.658 (+3%/level)
Armor: 14.75 (+4/level)
Magic Resistance: 30 (+0/level)
Range: 280
Movement Speed: 330

Note that this is the only character in existence to have that mid-range of 280...I don't think it's inherently wrong, and it's possible to balance a character around, but it would mean a playstyle that's foreign and may not have much appeal.