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[Champion creation concept]Jaiken, The Phantom warrior

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Hi Summoners,

Im a fan of support, however ive noticed support dont get much praise. I wanted to see if a combat support would be a good idea and im open to suggestions. Ive been working on a champion for days and think ive finally got him ready. I mainly wanted a support that could carry if needed. I notice times players that go support become almost useless if theyre carry is bad. So heres an option you can support an ally with defences melee healing or you could go semi tank or full carry. Ill leave the criticing up to you, although im not expecting much. Player created characters dont seem to get supported by riot even with alot of votes, but heres hoping.

Jaiken, The Phantom warrior
Role: Tank, support, carry, melee

Description: Spectral glow look. Youngman with light mail armor. 2 runed blades black blades with violet inscriptions on the blade about the size of a normal katanas.

It was said that even one man following him could take on 500 or more unscathed. As a young man noxus recognized his skill duel-weilding swords. His speed was so terrifying they named him the Phantom warrior, because If you saw his blades you were not soon leaving this realm. He was paired with Riven a noxian commander. The battles they had were swift and easy destroying all that opposed them. He soon became a commander of his own unit much smaller than any other. However it did not matter his skill and speed became so great he could protect any number of soldiers. He looked up to Riven watching as she fearlessly fought battle after battle.

He decided he would join her in any battle. In the extermination of ionia soldiers he became seperated from her. Protecting his men he could do nothing as he watched her and her men get bombed by the Noxus. Many of his friends died in Rivens platoon. He tried desperately to protect Riven, but she was already gone. Fearing his friend and mentor had died, he screamed out in anger .Empowered by anger he ran directly towards the ionian commanders. His men watched as he charged in fearlessly, they screamed out and followed him into battle. They fought destroying several thousand units until just Jaiken stood alone, surrounded by ionians. He made one last charge against the ionian brigade. That was the last anyone had seen of him. The league recognized his skill, giving him another chance to fight.

"Insanity is always an option."-Singed

Basic Statistics:
Damage -> 52 (+3.2 per level)
Health -> 400 (+80 per level)
Mana -> 220 (+50 per level)
Move Speed -> 350
Attack Speed -> 0.69 (+3.35% per level)
Armor -> 14 (+3.5 per level)
Spell Block -> 30 (+1.25 per level)
Health Regen -> 4.5 (+0.75 per level)
Mana Regen ->5 (+7.5 per level)

(Q) Phantom step
Range -> 600
Mana Cost -> 60
Cool-Down -> 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 seconds
Passive: Each basic attack deals 5% of the damage dealt over 3 seconds
Each Basic attack causes you to lunge at the target dealing 15/ 25/ 35/ 45/ 55(+0.25 AD) additional damage with each basic attack and slows the target 10% over 3 seconds. . Last 3 seconds.

-Based off of chogath except only hits one target for much less damage but also slows them use this move to keep up with faster enemies also all basic attacks apply a very small dot much less than twitch of gangplanks would do at max level.

(W) righteous furocity
Range -> 800
Mana Cost -> 20
Cool-Down -> 10 / 8/ 6 / 4 / 2
Passive: Increase attack damage by 20/ 25/ 30/ 35/ 40
Activation: An ally gains 10/ 20/ 30/ 40/ 50 bonus armor and magic resist. Effected ally are healed 100% more from spectral leech. You cannot be effected by this ability. Last 15 seconds or cancelled if Battle Shout is activated.

-I added a passive to help with attack damage which would help with healing since it may be hard to heal allies early game. I nerfed the armor and magic given. Also i made it effect a single target since its much like sona's but without actual healing i felt this was enough. Use this ability to try and get an enemy to focus you rather than an ally.

(E) Battle Shout
Aura Range -> 600
Mana Cost -> 55
Cool-Down -> 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 seconds
Activation: Your attack speed is increased by 40%/ 60%/ 80%/ 100%/ 120% for 4 seconds nerby allies gain a half of the amount. Kills reduce cooldowns of Battle shout and righteous furocity by 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9 seconds assist grant half the amount. Cancelled when righteous furocity is activated.

-Much like fiora's ability it grants to same amount without any movement speed and a nerfed cooldown reduction i felt a 4 second durtaion and ally buff would be fine since this is your only way to fight an enemy.

(R) Hero's Vengence
Range-> self
Mana Cost -> 100
Cool-Down -> 120 / 90 / 60 seconds

Passive: You parry an enemy physical hit after attacked 5 times.

Activation: Your passive works every hit on all damage you would take returning 150/ 300/ 450(+0.8ad) to all nerby enemies within 400 range for the next 4 seconds

-Added a longer cooldown. Passive nerfed. Good to use when your being focused.

(Passive) Spectral leech
All nerby allies recover 50% of the health you are healed through lifesteal or regeneration. You gain 2% life steal each basic attack (stacks 5 times).

-No nerf on the passive, lifesteal is necessary to keep allies alive so i increased the amount righteous fury caused allies to be healed when you attack to conpensate for the amount other champs heal allies. At leasts 10% life steal is also necessary for healing minimum level you only heal allies 5 health every attack this borders on the near pointless amount for a support. Although at higher levels it may help around 50 health per hit with no other life steal and only attack damage or only attack speed boost.

Joke: Just you? Your joking right? What.... you're not? (laugh maniaclly)
Taunt: Bring more!
Movement: I guess I'll walk.
Click faster summoner.
Selection: Dont keep me waiting.
Attacking: Stay behind me.
I'll find you.
My friends are with me.
Dance: Shuffle.

Edit: I nerfed some of the base stats, although they were based off of fiora's just already nerfed version. I left the attack speed since teemo's still far exceed's it at max level and Jaiken's attacks speed is his only way to fight, unlike many other champs that use attack speed. I also left his movement speed the same since the lore describes him as fast.

Edit: I nerfed all the abilities and added mana as i can see why no mana may make this person op even though you dont have any protection like riven or garen and have much greater cooldowns.

More criticizing

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I see damage/slow+armor/mr+healing+atack speed+CD?whatCD?+Pasive counter jax and vi+give lifesteal to allies+DONT USED MANA=I can we alone the game

Good idea... OP FLATS

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Updated much of the character.

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Both the active and passive effects on the ultimate seem like a bit too much. The reflect and attack every 3 seconds is far too fast, since Fiora can only parry every few seconds. Also, if the active does what I think it does (deals X damage every attack during the duration), you could literally kill anyone in a 1v1 duel with that on since it would deal a ridiculous amount of damage. Maybe make it about 1/4 of what it is currently at all ranks or less, and maybe it would be stable. It's like a momentary Thornmail that returns over 100% of the damage dealt.

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i nerfed the ultimate i didnt mean for it to reflect all damage plus the bonus just the bonus damage

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If anything was op riot would balance it out themselves. The main thing is the idea behind the champion and the idea is good.

Also, OP Flats? You must not have been playing LoL for very long. His flats are nowhere near as OP as many of the champions that already exist in the game for example, say, DARIUS.

((Source, LoL Wiki))