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The Tale of The Iron March

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Dearest summoners, I have a warning of the gravest importance.
The land of Valoran is entering dark times, a darkness only few have seen. I have seen what is to come, and i watch what is unfolding.
I, the great wizard Knoxx Theos JabbaBabba, Lord of Stories, watch the six seer stones of my home atop the Northern Ironspike Mountains.
The terror that marches forth through the torn marshes of the runewars. The Iron flood leaves rubble and death in it's wake.
Demacia lies ,unaware, in the path of destruction.
The champions must rise, or Valoran may see a darkness of which the brightest star could not guide it through.
I will not keep the events from you, as this tale unfolds i will lend my voice, all will know of the trials to come.