Flawed ranking system, changes NEEDED!

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There has to be a way, where we can have rankings based on player performance and not win/loss.

To give an analogy to this game, it is a 30+ minute tug of war between two teams. I am continuously Arnold Schwarzenegger and I'm pulling with 4 puny useless people with no muscles; how am I supposed to win against 5 decently well-built people when I pull against them by myself? Why should my ranking go down if I finish the game with a 19-0-29 score?

This NEEDS and HAS to be addressed. There is no possible way for me to move up in the rankings if I continuously play with useless teammates, regardless if I carry the game or not. The ranking has to be performance based, NOT based on wins and losses. It is really frustrating to see 0 advancement when I'm in the lowest ranking and I am MUCH better than the people that I am playing with.

Post this yourself if you find this NEEDS to be addressed as much as I do, there is no other way for Riot to change this if we don't demand it and make it visible to everyone.