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Customizable UI and Item Builder

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3 Suggestions. Customizable recommended items, a favorite char tab during the selection screen and an in client item builder.

Customizable recommended item lists would be useful to speed up shopping in game. I've heard a program exists to do this but I'm wary of 3rd party programs and it would just be cleaner if it was built in.

A favorite char tab during char selection would reduce some of the clutter caused by the increasing char pool. Ordering characters for specific roles during selection isn't viable considering the shifting meta so I would welcome a tab or tabs to let me sort them on a personal level.

An item builder has always seemed like it would be a worthy addition to me. Leaguecraft has one and I understand that one can just make a custom game and browse the shop but both choices are cumbersome. It would be nice (esp for new players) to be able to study and plan builds in leisure as part of the client itself when not in a game. Ideally, this could be linked to the Customizable recommended item list in some way.

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Dr Xplicit

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I like.