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Another rage thread, with a possible solution

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Meat Feast

Junior Member


Okay, to be as blunt as possible I don't believe in elo hell. I'm not a pro, don't plan to be pro, and just play occasionally weekdays and weekends. So here's my problem, I do enjoy the ranking system, however there is one massive shortfall which needs to be addressed and here's how it should be solved (I'm assuming high elo players don't have this problem).

The shortfall:
In lower elo ranked games there is an additional barrier to winning beyond last hitting, proper positioning, map control and team fighting... sometimes you have to fight your own team. Okay, so we've all heard the elo hell bs before and I'm not here to say that I'm better than I am; I believe that one can persist through "elo hell" if given enough time. But there are people (probably 10 year olds) who for one reason or another don't take their meds and purposely troll a ranked game with the aim of losing it for their team (and if they didn't realize, for themselves as well). I realize that if I play enough games, statistics should be on my side and I should out rank these tools at some point. The problem is that I neither have the time to go through this statistical model or the patience to blow 5 hours a day on this game.

The prototypical example: so this thread was inspired by multiple different tards who purposely don't team fight, or go afk, but still move around fountain so that the game doesn't know they aren't fighting. I just got out of a game where I was begging our adc to plz team fight (he would only farm bot, and then stay in base until it was safe to go back and farm some more, this all because our support picked sona instead of soraka). I was nice to him all game even though my team was getting pissed at him, tried reverse psychology, and resorted to telling him i'd suck his dick if he'd just once team fight. Now this would be funny if it wasn't the first time, or the second time or the third...

Okay, so by now you get the gist of my complaint, so what's the solution you might ask?
We'll it's not an easy problem to solve, but what if the reporting system actually had repercussions... for example if your whole team reports you, then you lose addition elo ratings, so eventually these **** become the lowest elo tier and mid level people can play in peace. This would help the people who don't play as often so that they don't have to spend tons of hours trying to out level them. I'm not suggesting that any report would lower your elo (because there's just angry people out there sometimes), but if your whole team is reporting you in addition to the opposite team reporting you, then somethings wrong and riot should address these problems.

All in all, I'm guessing there's going to be people who don't care about these types of problems, but it just sucks when I'm looking for a good and challenging ranked game and instead (maybe 1/3 of the time) there's people who rage and purposely lose it for my team. I try to notice these problems ahead of time in champ select, but you can't just dodge every third ranked game... I believe the purpose of elo is to separate people apart, and the medically unstable should have their own division. So there it is, let the penalty for attempting to create an elo hell be severe elo loss, ONLY if the majority of the people in the game report you for the SAME issue. I don't see how this could hurt anyone who's legitimate.

Thanks for your time & for reading the wall of text,