@RIOT: Another Thread About J4's Ult

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He's one of my favorite champs, and one of the dunkmasters.

But his ult:

Can be walked out of by anyone with a Phantom Dancer
Can be walked out of by any champ that ignores unit collision, has a flash, etc.
Sometimes doesn't fire
Is generically buggy

Having a broken ult really takes the fun out of playing a champion. I know riot has said in previous forms that they intend to get around to it and it's hard to fix but it's been quite sometime. Programming his ult to act like a minion may have worked before but not anymore. If the ult is truly broken beyond feasible repair, maybe you could give him a new one? I'd rather have a fully functioning ult than a mediocre one. Please consider fixing his ult again.

Regards, Forte42