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Influx of trolls/negativity since ranking rework?

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Junior Member


I was silver D2, recently demoted to Silver D3 because I have lost the last 8 games I've played.

In those 8 games I have had just an unreal amount of trolls/ragers/people who just completely give up after their first death.

My last game I started out as a 5-0 Akali. Game was looking great. Then my lee sin just goes nuts because he died on a gank mid.

This has been happening over and over and over to me. It can't just be bad luck...it's been 8 games in a row now. Someone leaves/afks/starts playing really poorly because they are upset.

Has anyone in the silver tiers noticed that there seems to be an abundance of...just....bad team work and negativity? It can't just be me.

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Senior Member


I feel like people are just crying about this stuff. I am in Bronze V, and I was low elo before the switch.

I play a decent amount of games, and of course I see the afks and the feeds, but not even close to the extent it is portrayed in the forums lol.
I get one afk maybe every 10 or 20 games. (normals included)

On the subject of feeding who cares. I promise your whole team isn't feeding their whole team, so play well and deal with fed champs when it comes to team fighting. If you are playing a lane, then only a couple people could possibly get fed.