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Advanced Stats + Game thoughts

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I have some ideas for advanced stats that could be incorporated into the game.
Some of the ideas include:

  • Showing gold calculation in game when hovering over the current gold account - examply who much gold per sec you are earning.
  • Showing accuracy of abilities when used on champions - for examply who many times Q was casted and how many times it hits. Helps summoners show accuracy % and can show them what they need to work on.
  • example would be how many times Lux's Illumination was casted and how many times a champion was hit with it - could be used for all abilities that pertain
  • Provide the difference between self healing and healing others
  • How much total life steal and vamp steal was accomplished
  • provide detail information on last hits for minion kills. example Lux had 200 minion kills - 100 from auto attack - 50 from Lucent Singularity - 50 from Final Spark
  • How much damage was prevented to self and champs by ability such as Prismatic Barrier form Lux
  • Breakdown from total gold collected - minion kills, champion kills, gp5 items, turrets, and dragon.
  • Show end game stats of how many wards or potions were purchased
  • Show how much damage was done to champions by each ability that qualifies
Misc feedback
When selecting rank individual duo, queue up by the role you can play. When you get into game it will show what role you signed up for but still let you pick any champ in play. This will help eliminate the arguing before champion selection.
Pre- Random selection option - pick up to 10 champs that you would like to play, it picks randomly from those 10. This way when you do pick random option, you will not get a free champ for the week or a champ that you have played 3 times.

I have many more ideas for the game, send me direct message if you have any questions.