Should people be reported for being "unskilled" in ranked?

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Little Gish

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Originally Posted by chris2423 View Post
unskilled is to keep players from using the intentional feeding option...i just got a "warning" from tribunal check this **** out...played over 500 ranked games this season and i get put in tribunal for 3 games, with 1 report each game, and absolutely nothing i did wrong in any of them.
i saw the tribunal
you're just verbally abusing people telling people to shut up and also telling them to go afk..

i think theres enough reason for them to report you

but if the report was for "unskilled player" or "intentionally feeding" then i think they reported you for the wrong reason

oh and you have negative attitude
very negative

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i told people to stfu and play when they were flaming me and i told a jungle janna who was walking around and not doing anything at all, not even trying to kill creeps anymore, to go afk. rofl.

MY BAD, i was trying to play the game and get my team to do the same...such a crime.