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Udyr Needs Work

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Now I play Udyr, I win games with Udyr, but there's problems with Udyr that need work. He's WAY too easily kited for example, his distance closer (27% movement speed at lvl 5) is just not as good as other jungles who get either more movement speed like Nocturne if he hits with his Q, or Shaco with his Decieve. Those are just two quick examples, and I'm sure other people can find others. In fact, here's some intake on Udyr after his buff from one of the top guides for Udyr:

"PBE buff on udyr giving him 4% mr and armor buff on each stance. Still weak. Honestly with other junglers getting buffed in clear speeds, it has become even harder to counterjungle as Udyr because compared to other counterjunglers, he does not have good damage because he needs to hit the enemies multiple times to get a proc from phoenix if he gets caught by the enemy jungler and the enemy jungler will clear pretty fast as well. His ganks are far too weak too. He is just far too outclassed by many other junglers in the current meta. He is also forced into the machete pick which means he doesn't have the advantages of boots anymore." -Wyby, http://www.solomid.net

It's great that he's fairly tanky and can dish out small but fast damage, but he's just so easily countered with his lack of mobility in terms of keeping up. If you're chasing someone and if they don't cc you, you're chasing them too long until you catch up to them with your stun, and this results in higher chances of enemy team showing up to save their buddy. Don't get me wrong, Udyr's still viable, I can win games with him and sometimes carry the team with him, but he's just so easily outclassed by other junglers.