[Olaf] - history repeats itself > Popularity > nerf > trash

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Hello summoners.
Im checking lolking from time to time and today i noticed a one bad news from it, it is olaf which he has been overnerfed by the lat patch. Just look at hes win ratios on platinium elo:


After nerf patch his win ratio fall down to one of the lowest win ratio in game (before karma)

What happen, isn`t nerf shouldn`t be a good balance for him? No, he is a champion that benefits from warmog meta, and got a cruel hit only for that he was popular. Same as rengar diana, etc... Maybe warmogs armor needs only a change, and olafs nerfs weren`t that to necesary? Why you riot throwing a cup of nerfs without analysis a genesis of the problem?
It looks like a bowl nerf game, throw nerf and we will se what happen, realy omg.