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@Riot: Kha'zix/Warwick Lore and the League

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So I've been thinking a bit about both Kha'zix's and Warwick's respective lores and how they fit into the League as is. As most of you know, Warwick's lore was re-written so that he requires Soraka's heart to stop himself from going completely feral. Many people questioned why Warwick couldn't simply take Soraka's heart when he kills her on the Field of Justice. I think I have a possible answer, which in turn applies to Kha'Zix as well.

In game, champions respawn after being killed after a set amount of time. Their bodies tend to stay in the spot where they died until this happens (exceptions include Lux, Corki, etc.). After being respawned, however, this body disappears. My theory is this: the respawn magic used on the Fields of Justice requires at least 97% of said body in order to work (let's say champions who disappear are held in some kind of aether until they respawn). As such, Warwick would be unable to take Soraka's heart, as the heart would simply vanish from his grasp when Soraka respawns. Even if Warwick ate the damn thing, it would poof out of his stomach when Soraka respawns. However, by being in the League, Warwick is closer to Soraka, and as such can study her and plan an attack outside League battles.

Now, Kha'zix. Kha'Zix evolves by eating people. However, in the League, he's unable to eat people whole because they'll just magically poof out of him when they respawn. My thought is this: upon entering the League to hunt Rengar, Kha'Zix changed himself so that he could evolve, albeit at a slower rate, when he collected bits and pieces of champions. Think slivers of skin, small amounts of blood, chips of bone/horn, etc. Since the respawn magic needs at least 97% of someone, it will restore these small parts to the respawnee without taking them from Kha'Zix. This allows Kha'Zix to evolve on the Fields of Justice, though he is confined to his bug-like form. Though he's limited in his evolution while on the battlefield, he's able to absorb small amounts of power from many different champions, thus increasing his "evolutionary gene pool" with every battle.

TL,DR: Respawn magic requires 97% of body, Warwick can't take Soraka's heart because it'll disappear when she respawns but he can plan an attack outside League battle, Kha'Zix evolves off slivers of dead champions on the battlefield.

This will go on GD as well for (possibly) more comments. Or it'll just vanish.

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Four words:

"The Head of Kha'Zix"

That will pretty much forever render Warwick's lore in need of another rework without even mentioning how unlikeable he is currently (went from supreme bad guy to a minor villain).

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big fudge2018



that dosn't make any sense if rengar kills someone he takes a whole bone not skin not tiny amounts of blood bones he can hold 14 maybe even from the same champ i think they regenerate those things when they die i think its just a loop hole