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No more LoL for me it seems....

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For weeks now (since thresh patch) I have been having problems with the game not running well, massive FPS drops 7-10 mins into game resulting in a completely unplayable framerate. Intermittent high pings, but even when ping was low and steady the FPS was terrible. And the high pings themselves seemed to be for no reason considering i have had a steady, solid connection with no other traffic while playing LoL.

I submitted a report ticket, and have exchanged numerous emails with tech support, following every suggested resolution they gave. I have attempted to repair the installation twice, and have completely uninstalled and reinstalled LoL 5 times now. Prior to Thresh, I had been playing @1366x768 with medium settings, no vsync, no shadows, and no problems aside from some occasional lag due to me wifi. When I started having issues, I lowered all graphics settings AND screen resolution to lowest possible and saw NO improvement, not even a slight improvement. I have the same problems with FPS regardless.

I have submitted my R3D logs which contained numerous errors and tech support suggested that my installation may be corrupt. I followed the reinstall instructions TO THE LETTER. 5 times. Problem persists. I have also run multiple scans for malware and viruses, and performed 2 defrags.

Latest suggestion from tech support was to free up system resources by disabling ALL services and ALL startup programs. Now, as I said, lowering the graphic settings had NO EFFECT, so i'm not sure how my problems are related to system resources. I'm also unsure how system resources would be related to the numerous errors in the log file (which remain after all the attempts to reinstall clean) that previously seemed to suggest a corrupt installation. To me this seemed to be like some kind of blanket one-size-fits-all fix, but I figured hey if it works it works. Unfortunately with all services disabled I could not connect to my network. Go figure. I'm going to miss LoL, but I'm done with this headache, time to move on.

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What is more upsetting is not just the screen glitches ruining game after game but there seems to be NO acknowledgement from Riot that this problem exists and many people are having this. It is horrible and all we really want is for the game to go back to a couple weeks ago stable release. What is the big deal? Every game company has rolled out some REALLY BAD CODE at some point or other. How hard is it to just go BACK and wait before you roll forward for proper code? Why would you KILL a good game with large audience out of pure stubbornness?

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ya i agree everything was fine for me till this last live maintenance yesterday (feb 5) so i have no clue what they did but i kept getting graphic glitches all over the place the longer i played the worse it got...thankfully it went away now but its the FPS thats killing me.........ugh i had no problems with my FPS till this maintenance :/