Thoughts on the new ranked system.....

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Cody X D

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Okay, first of all i think it was a really nice idea but the fact that i cant dodge anymore without getting points taken away is a little ridiculous.. im bronze that's not irrelevant but its not relevant (don't question my logic) but my problem is when people insta lock rolls that are already picked (ex. 2 tops to adc no jungle and 1 support.) and i cant dodge without losing points but if i play were going to lose anyway its completely lose lose.. i dont exactly know what im supposed to do defently when the quality of player in bronze is already so low im not saying im a god but when my ad has 70 farm at 40 minutes and i have 290 somethings wrong im not asking to go back to the elo system just a tweak to the discipline system for dodging id rather wait an hour to queue up again than lose points because someone felt the need to troll.

I really dont care for feedback on my grammar if i misspelt anything or used incorrect grammar so be it its readable and thats all i wanted.

TLDR: Tired of trolls instalocking rolls that are already picked dodge penalty needs a rework