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Ohkay so i know this may be over reacting or jumping to conclusions but, I reccently joined a ranked game and nothing was going wrong, everything was playing as per normal i was in top lane against a jax, and as he started to attack me i dc'd straight away i thought mabye just my net playing up so i restarted and got back in, i went back to lane and again as he attacked me i dc'd but this time my whole league crashed and now i cannot play any matches as i join any match my whole league crashes and comes up with a bug splat thing asking me to report the error with my name and email. i did not do being warey of what it was as i have never seen it before, and now when ever i load up any vids or league wether it be utube or a movie, my computer will not run it, it just crashes and closes down

so im wondering what exactly is going on and what this guy has done to my computer? everything else runs fine web browsers facebook but utube or league its self crashes,

If anyone could mabye have some insight It would be amazing