Looking for a Ranked 5v5 team

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Personal Info
Hi, Im sick and tired of Que ing solo Q and losing because my entire team is playing bad when Im playing very well. Im a 2700 Wow player on multiple toons. Just to give you a idea on my skill level in a PvP type environment. I still have things I need to work on for league.
Im tired of losing games because of teammate stupidity. Im not a elitist by any means. And im not great at this game. But I can Acknowledge mistakes and strive to fix them.

What Im looking For
Im hoping to find competent players for a ranked 5v5 team to try to get my rank up. I expect everyone to not be testing out new champs in ranked. And for them to be playing there best role. I can handle Mid top and Jungling decently. Support being my best role. Hope to hear from some of you soon.

Contact Info
Skype = Capernaum22

Apologies for my Grammar Its not my best. But in no way does it depict my gameplay : P